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Holiday Sweets Menu

Holiday Sweets Menu


We had the opportunity to meet with Ami today from the Foothills Delery.  Attached is the list of goodies Ami is offering through the Holidays.  This list will remain the same for the next weeks, and will be attached to our weekly availability.  We need to give Ami 48 hour notice of all orders.  So the way we will start will be for you to place your order to us by Wednesday for pick up on Saturday at our retail front.

Any questions give us a call. 860.673.3550

As always, thank you for your support!!

Warmest regards

Andy & Linda


You keep us Growing 


Holiday Sweets Menu
Item Description Size  Price 
Fruit  Pie Apple (Apples from Hayward Farm :) 6" $10.99
 Fruit Pie Apple & Cranberry 6" $10.99
Fruit  Pie Pumpkin 6" $10.99
 Fruit Pie Peach Crumble 6" $10.99
Fruit Pie Apple (Apples from Hayward Farm :) 10" $15.50
Fruit Pie Apple & Cranberry 10" $15.50
Fruit Pie Pumpkin 10" $15.50
Fruit Pie Peach Crumble 10" $15.50
Cream Pie Boston Cream 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Banana Cream 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Chocolate Cream 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Lemon Meringue 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Key Lime 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Black Forest 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Boston Cream 10" $17.50
Cream Pie Banana Cream 10" $17.50
Cream Pie Chocolate Cream 10" $17.50
Cream Pie Lemon Meringue 10" $17.50
Cream Pie Key Lime 10" $17.50
Cream Pie Black Forest 10" $17.50
Nut Pie Pecan 6" $13.50
Nut Pie Pecan 10" $19.50
Mini Dessert Platter Please specify 3-5 items per platter. Choose Per Person $3.00
from: Eclairs, Woopie pies, Brownies*, Nut bars*,
Fruit bars*,Cupcakes*,Chocolate Mousse Cups,
Cheesecake bars*, & Snowballs*
Cookie Platter filled with an assortment of chocolate chip,  12" $30.00
Cookie Platter gingersnaps,oatmeal,double chocolate, peanut 16" $45.00
butter, almond & spritz, fudge bits& macaroons
Cheese Cake Original 7" $17.00
Cheese Cake Pumpkin 7" $17.00
Cheese Cake Chocolate 7" $17.00
Cheese Cake Cinnamon 7" $17.00
Cheese Cake Fruit Topped 7" $17.00
Cheese Cake Original 10" $28.00
Cheese Cake Pumpkin 10" $28.00
Cheese Cake Chocolate 10" $28.00
Cheese Cake Cinnamon 10" $28.00
Cheese Cake Fruit Topped 10" $28.00


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