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Week 11 (March. 13, 2011) Renaissance Farm--860.675.3666/860.673.3550 Unit Est. Unit Quantity
Crop Description Avail. Price Ordered
Rosemary Multi Use herb with unique flavor bunch 10 $1.50
Cilantro The best salsa herb!!Looking Beautiful bunch limited $1.50
Munchie Beans Mix of 16 different beans, hydrated & ready to munch 3 dry oz. 12 $2.00
Eggs Grand View Brown or Wake Robin dz. 14 $3.50
Seconds Sauce Apples Mix of seconds apples perfect for sauce and cooking 16 Qt LOTS $10.00
New England Apple Sampler Mix of Empire,Ida Red, Mutsu, Macs,Red&YellowDelc. Basket 20 $8.50
Bundled Fire Wood Large handle pack bundle from IBF milling, Burlington Bndl 12 $5.50
Basil Pesto 6oz Jar Pure Sweet Basil, pine nuts, cheese, oil 6 oz 12 $6.99
Pumpkin Bread Homemade Pumpkin/cranberry/apple bread Loaf 8 $7.99
Swiss Chard-White Junior Stage (not baby, not fully mature)  oz limited $1.00
Lettuce-leaf Green, Red-tint Junior Stage (not baby, not fully mature) oz limited $1.00
Asian Greens-(baby to Jr.) Wonderful flavor, color textures for stir fry, wilting& Fresh oz Freeze $1.00
Turnip Greens-(mature) Wonderfully sweet, florets and greens  oz. limited $1.00
Garlic Greens (baby) use like scallons, cooked or fresh great garlic flavor! bunch 16 $1.50
House Blend Baby to mid size mixed greens & herbs oz. Limited $1.00
Rosemary Vinegar Great for salad dressings, hair rinse or natural cleaner jar Sold out $3.99
Orange Rosemary Vinegar Unbelievable Flavor!!  jar 6 $3.99
Red Rose Vinegar Deep, deep red color, a very unique flavor. jar Sold out $3.99
Dill Vinegar Love dill?  Love this infused vinegar straight up! jar 6 $3.99
Hot Link Sausage Ct Made, 50% less fat than USDA guidelines!! pound 10 $3.99
Sweet Link Sausage Ct Made, 50% less fat than USDA guidelines!! pound 10 $3.99
Chicken Sausage Great replacement for the pork varities! pound 10 $3.99
Bulk Sausage bulk for pasta dishes, etc.. pound 10 $3.99
Spring Fever Arrangement Daisies, raspberry roses, blue hydrangeas each 4 $15.50
Three Pepper Lemon Jelly  Mix and Match canned goods @ $5.00ea or 3 for $12! Pint 16 SALE
Cranberry Orange Marmalade Pint 3 SALE
Lemon-Raspberry Marmalade Pint 5 SALE
Dilly Green Beans Pint Sold Out SALE
Four Bean Salad Pint 8 SALE
Pickled Beet Balls Pint 14 SALE
Bread & Butter Pickles Pint 12 SALE
Garlic Dill Pickles Pint 2 SALE
Sweet Pepper Relish Mix and Match canned goods @ $5.00 or 3 for $12.00 Pint 5 SALE
Sweet Pickle Relish Pint 7 SALE
Black Bean & Corn Salsa Pint Sold Out SALE
Orange Marmalade 8 oz. 2 SALE
Honey Mustard 8 oz 2 SALE
Strawberry Preserves Pint 5 SALE
Apple Pie Preserves Pint 9 SALE
Strawberry/Rhubarb Preserves Pint Sold out SALE
Blackberry Preserves Pint 4 SALE
Grape Jelly Pint 7 SALE
Red Currant Jelly Mix and Match canned goods @ $5.00 or 3 for $12.00 Pint 2 SALE
Apple Jelly Pint 7 SALE


Are we all on time today?  Not us. The daylight is intensifying and the crops (all but the baby lettuce) are rebounding quite nicely after the freeze.  I am amazed at how strong and beautiful the cilantro looks.  The swiss chard is flushing nicely and there are baby radishes we are putting in the house blend.  We even have some nasturtiums popping out of the soil here and there!!.  We are busy planning for the opening at the retail front.  A soft opening April 1st. Please stop by, let's catch up, have a cup of coffee, or tea (byoc--Andy says bring your own cup).  Lots of exciting news at the retail front this year!! For all of our gardening friends, if there are plants, or hard goods you may need let us know and we will do our best to fill your need in the upcoming growing season.  

Our floral department has been on overload this week. We have been posting some pictures on the facebook page, as it is so much easier and faster.  If you have any floral needs, please consider us. 

Also, we have posted a video of Andy milling a cherry burl.  Quite a task but well worth the effort.

Kristen Manning is the winner if the Spring bouquet.  And we will extend this drawing again this week. Each person who posts on the face book page, we will enter for a drawing of the weekly bouquet--this week it has hydrangeas and roses!!

We have put the post hole digger on the backhoe and will be planting peas this week!! (we hope).

Best wishes to you for a glorious week!

As always thank you for your continued support, "You keep us growing"

Warmest regards

Andy & Linda  


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