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This week on the Farm

Well Hello Everyone!

Now, that I am getting a better understanding of how to use this blog, hopefully I will make it much more pretty and filled with more information for you!

We still have weekly availability, but I need to learn a better way to post it for everyone!  You can still sign up and have it emailed to you weekly, or you can just send us an email or give us a call!

**It is time for the Holidays!**

We offer a large range of flowers to decorate your table, kitchen our counter! Perfect for those who want to add to the holiday dinner, but may not want to cook (I'm looking at you Mae!)

Decorate that Door!

We also provide a large variety of holiday wreaths.  Chose from our pre-made offerings or select the colors YOU want! They are all handmade and we pride ourselves with the qaulity!

We make just Bows too!

 Don't forget the bows!  Now this little dog (Pigpig) does NOT like the camera, but she did love her bow! We make all of our bows by hand! They are perfect to decorate around the house, in windows, place on gifts, or pets!!  We put them on everything!  Come by and place your order for 5 or more!

Whew! In all of this holiday excitement I forget to tell everyone that our winter greens are coming along!  We will have items for your holiday dinner including herbs, jams, fruit butters, and salad green!

Hope to hear from you soon! 

You keep us growing!


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