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Christmas is Coming

Christmas Is Coming!


We are a bit late this week, the retail front has been occupying all of out time the past couple weeks!  Thank you for your contined partronage!

We are just about sold out of wreaths, and kissing balls.  We do have some left, but they are going fast!

This week and next week we will be busy fillingour gift baskets orders, flower arrangements, and sweets platters.  We cannot stress enough if you would like us to create any of these items  please order early!  Our holiday flower arrangements always inclues red roses, hydrangeas, and without propery planning our floral suppliers always sell out!

The weekly offerings of produce remain the same, some baby greens are ready to pick!  (We just do nothave large quantities right now).

Ciders and canned goods make wonderful hostess gifts and are great for those on your list that you just have no idea what to gie!  Food is always welcome!

"You keep us growing"

Andy & Linda 

Please remember that we do not have email access during the day, feel free to give us a call at 860.673.3550




Thanksgiving come and gone....

Thanksgiving has come and gone, can you believe it?  A few short weeks until Christmas and then we are into 2012! Where does the time go?  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and during this time we want to pause and thank you for your support, encouragement and for giving us strength.  The past couple of months have been a test of our commitment as one friend put it.  We are committed to our environment, our communities and to you our supporters. We would not be moving forward if it had not been for you.

Gift baskets have been well received and we are still taking orders for pick up or delivery.  (please call and we will let you know exactly what products are in each size).  Our 36" wreaths are almost sold out and 14" are in limited supply (no worries for those of you that ordered in advance, yours are reserved)  The lavender products pictured on our Facebook page are sold out as well.  The scented simmer pouches have been well received, with Lavender & Rosemary being in the #1 position Saturday, and Holiday Spice running a close second. 

You may order from the Holiday Sweets Menu through out the season, please know that we need to give Ami 48 hours notice.  Great platters for parties.

Andy does have driveway stakes available in 4'.  He makes these on our sawmill, points them and sells by the each or in bundles of 25.  We also have bundled fire wood and hardwood fire starters.

As always, thanks for your support, we are happy to be open this week and to see you once again.

"You keep us growing"

Warmest regards

Andy & Linda



Snowman Poop-And other Gifts from the Farm!




What a glorious weekend!! Hope you were able to enjoy! We are gearing up for the Holidays!!



This will be a very busy start week. Gift Basket Orders, Wreath Orders, Kissing Balls to prepare, Pies to order, and the list goes on and on.  



As you know we are always on the search for new, local, unique items that make you happy, and support a local business. Last week we found The Foothills Delery this week we found Square Peg Industries!!


We are introducing the "Simmer Pouch" line to you.  Theses are oversized tea bags full of natural ingredients for you to gently simmer on the stove (especially on the wood stove) or to use dry in clothing drawers, in the car or any other area you would greatly enjoy the fragrance.  



There are 4 fragrances for you to choose from, no fillers, just pure aromatic pleasures.  In addition we have for the naughty this year the Snowman Poop Bags and the Reindeer Poop bags.  Just for fun they always get a laugh. 


We have been busy taking orders for our gift baskets.  4 sizes, full of granola, canned goods, simmer pouches, salad dressings, dip mixes and Snowman and Reindeer bags! The larger baskets have 1/2 gal and 1 gallon of cider!!. Finished with shrink wrap and garnished with velvet bow, these baskets are sure to please.  Very unique, very chic (we can deliver locally, shipping is also available--same for our wreaths, we start shipping this week nationally and internationally!!) 


Remember we need Sweets orders by tomorrow 10am for pick up Wednesday this week.  (please call the greenhouse tomorrow to confirm your orders 860.673.3550)


Available also; bundled fire wood, oak kindling wood and driveway markers (manufactured here in Burlington by Iron Bull Farm, LLC)


Many thanks for your continued support


You keep us growing

Andy & Linda



Holiday Sweets Menu

Holiday Sweets Menu


We had the opportunity to meet with Ami today from the Foothills Delery.  Attached is the list of goodies Ami is offering through the Holidays.  This list will remain the same for the next weeks, and will be attached to our weekly availability.  We need to give Ami 48 hour notice of all orders.  So the way we will start will be for you to place your order to us by Wednesday for pick up on Saturday at our retail front.

Any questions give us a call. 860.673.3550

As always, thank you for your support!!

Warmest regards

Andy & Linda


You keep us Growing 


Holiday Sweets Menu
Item Description Size  Price 
Fruit  Pie Apple (Apples from Hayward Farm :) 6" $10.99
 Fruit Pie Apple & Cranberry 6" $10.99
Fruit  Pie Pumpkin 6" $10.99
 Fruit Pie Peach Crumble 6" $10.99
Fruit Pie Apple (Apples from Hayward Farm :) 10" $15.50
Fruit Pie Apple & Cranberry 10" $15.50
Fruit Pie Pumpkin 10" $15.50
Fruit Pie Peach Crumble 10" $15.50
Cream Pie Boston Cream 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Banana Cream 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Chocolate Cream 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Lemon Meringue 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Key Lime 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Black Forest 6" $11.50
Cream Pie Boston Cream 10" $17.50
Cream Pie Banana Cream 10" $17.50
Cream Pie Chocolate Cream 10" $17.50
Cream Pie Lemon Meringue 10" $17.50
Cream Pie Key Lime 10" $17.50
Cream Pie Black Forest 10" $17.50
Nut Pie Pecan 6" $13.50
Nut Pie Pecan 10" $19.50
Mini Dessert Platter Please specify 3-5 items per platter. Choose Per Person $3.00
from: Eclairs, Woopie pies, Brownies*, Nut bars*,
Fruit bars*,Cupcakes*,Chocolate Mousse Cups,
Cheesecake bars*, & Snowballs*
Cookie Platter filled with an assortment of chocolate chip,  12" $30.00
Cookie Platter gingersnaps,oatmeal,double chocolate, peanut 16" $45.00
butter, almond & spritz, fudge bits& macaroons
Cheese Cake Original 7" $17.00
Cheese Cake Pumpkin 7" $17.00
Cheese Cake Chocolate 7" $17.00
Cheese Cake Cinnamon 7" $17.00
Cheese Cake Fruit Topped 7" $17.00
Cheese Cake Original 10" $28.00
Cheese Cake Pumpkin 10" $28.00
Cheese Cake Chocolate 10" $28.00
Cheese Cake Cinnamon 10" $28.00
Cheese Cake Fruit Topped 10" $28.00



This week on the Farm

Well Hello Everyone!

Now, that I am getting a better understanding of how to use this blog, hopefully I will make it much more pretty and filled with more information for you!

We still have weekly availability, but I need to learn a better way to post it for everyone!  You can still sign up and have it emailed to you weekly, or you can just send us an email or give us a call!

**It is time for the Holidays!**

We offer a large range of flowers to decorate your table, kitchen our counter! Perfect for those who want to add to the holiday dinner, but may not want to cook (I'm looking at you Mae!)

Decorate that Door!

We also provide a large variety of holiday wreaths.  Chose from our pre-made offerings or select the colors YOU want! They are all handmade and we pride ourselves with the qaulity!

We make just Bows too!

 Don't forget the bows!  Now this little dog (Pigpig) does NOT like the camera, but she did love her bow! We make all of our bows by hand! They are perfect to decorate around the house, in windows, place on gifts, or pets!!  We put them on everything!  Come by and place your order for 5 or more!

Whew! In all of this holiday excitement I forget to tell everyone that our winter greens are coming along!  We will have items for your holiday dinner including herbs, jams, fruit butters, and salad green!

Hope to hear from you soon! 

You keep us growing!


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