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Bitter Sweet

We like more than 90 percent of small farmers across the nation have full time jobs.  We've been working every weekend since March 21st, non-stop.  We've had some good times, great successes and huge failures.  We are physically and mentally tired and looking forward to the colder days and slower pace.

Yet there is melancholy to the coming days.  Putting the green grass covers on the gardens, getting the chickens on next years production beds and covering the strawberries.  We are exhausted yet we do these choirs with a heavy heart.  We need and want the break but there is something sad to the fact that we won't be outside for long periods of time tending to growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and watching the chickens frolic.

We'll get into canning mode so we have vegetables over the winter.  The irrigation will be pulled and plants mowed from this years production fields I'll do a shallow till and cover the fields with winter rye and hairy vetch.  Once that is done the place has been put to bed for the winter.

We then turn our attention to making Italian and French breads, the Italian cooking classes and keeping the chickens comfortable if the weather gets to extreme.  I do lament the passing of summer, as hard as the work is, the sun hot and atmosphere moist, I like eating fresh vegetables out of the garden.  I eat more vegetables now knowing there the freshest, safest money can buy and they are from our hands and our efforts.  I'll miss the weekly interactions with our customers and talking about how to prepare a vegetable or certain dish. Our customers have been supportive, rejuvenating, focused, motivating and most importantly there. 

Keep eating fresh and local, David did beat Goliath and we will again this time.  Eat local, find a farmer that is growing healthy food.  Tell your friends, your family and your colleagues about him or her.  The more we speak out the safer our food supply should become. 

Don't be complacent, there are some people like my wife and I who do extraordinary things in order to bring safe fresh foods to our community and there are people in your community doing the same thing for you.  We all know of parents that have a child or children that have food allergies?  Let me ask, how many friends did you have growing up with food allergies?  I didn't have any; except for me I hated Brussels sprouts.  Proportionally more humans are suffering from food born illnesses now then ever before, despite taking into account the increase in surface population. Haven't enough people given their lives just because they wanted a simple meal with maybe spinach or a hamburger with lettuce, or peanut butter treat?

Please don't underestimate the fight that we are in.  Food is our energy, our fuel and a life sustaining force.  Don't let the big Agra-businesses jam GMO foods down our throats, they've been killing us for profit and will continue to do so unless we the consumer stand up and say "I'm mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more"  (from the movie "Network").  Demand more with your dollars, choose with your wallet.  Money and the lack there of will make them notice.  Choose to live healthy.  Choose to stop playing Russian roulette with your food choices.  Pass the word on it is too important to leave to the media and our officials.  Start with your family and work out from there.

Buy Local - from a farmer not a chain advertising "Local"




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