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"Green Acres" was a prep course for us

The first year on the farm had its perils, like the time the phone company changed our phone number, without us initiating the task or them asking us if it was okay.  To top that off they wouldn't give us the new number because they said it was unlisted. 

One Friday evening my mother-in-law called us on the cell-phone.  "What is your new number?" "What new number" my wife asked? "I just called your house and the message said that your number has been changed to an unpublished number".  There were so many new situations that we were facing that this seemed par for the course.  But thinking back, when has the phone company ever changed your phone number without you asking for it and then they wouldn't give you the new number.  I mean we really have had off the wall occurrences to deal with.

We had already been through the "take an analog phone out side and plug it into the telephone poll" routine.  I kid you not; we had a problem with the line and called the phone company.  As part of the troubleshooting they wanted us to take an analog phone out and plug it into the network interface device or NID. 

We found it on the telephone poll, plugged the phone in and got a dial tone.  "Ok,” the technician said "the problem is with the line in the house".  They scheduled an appointment the coming week.  In the mean time if there was an emergency we could take the phone outside and plug it into the NID and call 911.  Does anyone remember Oliver climbing the telephone poll to make a call?  What a hoot, with the phone connected to the telephone poll I couldn't help but start to call family and friends and tell them I was using a phone outside plugged into the telephone poll. 

My wife hangs up with her mother and we call our home phone number.    "The number you have dialed has been changed to an unlisted number."  We hear the automated voice telling us.  So we called the phone company.  Yes the phone number was changed this afternoon.  "Okay, great," I say "can you tell us what the new number is?"  I'm getting ready to write the number down and I hear him say, "I'm sorry" Sorry?  For what? "The number is unlisted".  "Yes, that is what the message told us, but you know we are calling from our home and you can see our number, right"?  It didn't matter what argument we used they weren't going to give us the new number.    

We're thinking you can't make this stuff up.  Being resourceful is a great trait to have when working on the farm.  Things come up that you've never experienced and there is a need to deal with it or overcome it.  This was just another example of a problem that we hadn't anticipated or thought of.  The answer to this problem was simple.  All we did was call my wife's cell phone and presto, we had our phone number.  So much for paying an extra fee for an unlisted phone number.

So we got our new phone number and my wife says "Man, do you get the impression that Green Acres was a prep course for us?"  I had to laugh and simply agree.


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