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Is water suppose to catch fire?

I watched "GASLAND," on Showtime recently.  It is a documentary made by Josh Fox that explores the process of Hydraulic Fracturing.  Go to Waterunderattack.com.  Once there you will see the effects that fracture drilling has on the water table.  If you get to see "GASLAND" you will be affected and hopefully in a way that motivates you to contact your representative.  .

It is unbelievable, I thought the Industrial Food Complex (IFC) was bad but natural gas drillers using the fracture method, developed by Halliburton, make them look like saints when it comes to health and social and environmental preservation.  I do not have the vocabulary to describe the utter disdain for the environment and people with the use of this method.  When you can light the water in your house on fire there is something drastically wrong with the way government is protecting our drinking water.  When the secret chemicals that drillers use start showing up in the tap water, would not one naturally see a direct cause and affect relationship? 

The following scenario happens hundreds of thousands of times:  Water table is fine, community is not sick, air does not smell and water does not catch fire.  Natural gas drillers come in; drill down to the gas using a process called hydraulic fracturing and put in a well.  The elements that leach into the air and into the water table from this process are a toxic mix of carcinogenic chemicals.  Chemicals by the way those natural gas drillers do not have to disclose. 

Not only do they get away with not reporting what they use, but how much they use, and what gets collected back after use.  It is known as the Halliburton loophole to the Clean Air and Water act.  Why, you ask are they allowed to do this?  It is because the Energy Bill of 2005 specifically exempts hydrofracking from the Clean Drinking Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Citizens Right-To-Know Act (Freedom of Information) and even EPA regulation.  The EPA cannot regulate them.  The Environmental Protection Agency is prohibited from regulating an industry that is ruining the very environment the Agency was setup to protect.    Why do you think those provisions were specifically added to the bill?

You have to ask yourself, why do corporate citizens get this kind of treatment?  Do not expect anything to change, with the Supreme Courts ruling on corporate campaign donations, the ability for the common citizen to protect themselves and their environment through their representative has been made moot because of that decision.  We are all naïve if we believe that special interest groups will not move to the head of the line when it comes to getting favorable legislation passed.

It has been proven that the human body can go weeks without food.  Water on the other hand is something that you cannot do without for less than half as long.  Once again, the profit motive outweighs environmental impacts and personal health.  It is alleged that because of the Halliburton loophole more people are lighting their water on fire, getting sick and dying from the type of cancers that coincide with the chemicals used in the drilling process.  Because of independent water analysis, scientist and environmental advocates are starting to uncover just what secret chemicals are being used.  Nevertheless, does the fact that you can set tap water on fire prove, in and of itself, that there is something drastically wrong?  When people who have lived on their land for generations can point out the difference and still be ignored by the very government that is suppose to protect them is appalling.

People complain how our current President is ruining the Nation.  What did Halliburton and the previous administration accomplish?  Chaney formed the energy commission and met more than forty times with gas executives.  To their credit, the commission met with environmental advocates one time.  What came out of Chaney’s Energy Commission was the Energy Bill of 2005.  I am not making a political statement.  I am merely pointing out the impact the loophole has had on the environment and people’s health because it came to fruition from the previous administration.  It lets natural gas driller’s have unfettered access to public land and the ability to use carcinogenic chemicals without having to clean them up, report what and how much they use and allows them to operate with no government or independent oversight.  .

Stop fracture drilling before the chemicals they use get into water tables near you.  Of course, unless you want to be able to light your drinking water on fire, fight against the drilling of the Marcellus Shale site.


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