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BPA, Atrazine and 2,4-D

There was a study a while ago linking Atrazine to the castration and feminization of frogs in test labs.  Frogs are known as a predictor species.  Predictor species have human genetic make-ups, that is, their internal organs and systems are most like humans so scientist can see what is happening to them and extrapolate what can happen in the human body.  Industrial farms and large operations use Atrazine primarily in weed control applications.  The San Francisco Chronicle wrote about the affects that Atrazine is having on the environment.  The study conducted at UC Berkley and published in the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" spoke to the affects of Atrazine.  .

            As you would expect the maker of the weed suppressant is fighting the study and pointing to every flaw they can find.  Interestingly, the author of the study worked for the maker of Atrazine years before.  His findings showed Atrazine to be an endocrine disruptor but the manufacture dismissed the report.  Remember feminized bass, they are a prime example of what an endocrine disruptor can do and bass are predictor species too.  The other problem of concern, with the use of Atrazine, is the development of the super-weed.

            Weeds are becoming round-up resistant.  Leave it to Mother Nature to put man in his place.  Therefore, we have weeds now that are resistant to Atrazine, one of the chemicals used in Round-up.  Which means these new weeds are going to need a stronger chemical in which to control or eliminate them.  That chemical, scientist have said, is 2, 4-D.  2, 4-D is an unknown chemical to you and me until you hear the product name it was used in.  2, 4-D was the major ingredient in Agent Orange.  The use of Agent Orange occurred in the sixties and seventies until all hell broke lose when those exposed to the herbicide started getting sick.  However, I digress.

            The endocrine system regulates hormones like testosterone and estrogen.  Any wonder feminization and castrations is taking place in frogs found with high levels of endocrine disruptors.  I cannot make this stuff up, yet those charged with protecting our food, environment and health are benefiting from the very industry they are suppose to regulate.  They rely on scientific data where the funds to conduct the study often comes from the manufacturer or industry pushing the chemical.

            Am I missing something, is it that we die off and are replaced by other people who spend and that is why killing us to make a profit is okay.  Why would we expect the FDA or EPA to crack down on the use of endocrine disruptors?  Things have to get out of control like Thalidomide, DDT, Bisphenal A (plastic containers) and Phthalates (cosmetics), before the public is warned and then protected from those that seek profit no matter the outcome.

            If this is happening to the frogs then what is happening to the humans that have to work around the stuff and ingest trace amounts.  If you think washing the food will help think again.  You just cannot wash this stuff off; if you could then it would not be affective in the field when rain comes.  It has to be able to withstand water in order to be affective in the field.  That and the fruit and vegetable actually absorb and contain trace amounts of the chemicals used on them.

            Twenty-five years ago, we started growing organic because I learned about trace amounts of chemicals on and in my food.  To me “trace amounts,” means the “existence of”.  My thought was if I were trying to eat healthy why I would ingest trace amounts of carcinogenic chemicals.  I am sorry, I respect science and scientist but they are human and we as a society do not have a good record of accomplishment when it comes to protecting people over profit.  If we did, big tobacco would not be the standard-bearer by which we judge corrupt corporate malfeasance in the pursuit of profit over health.

Buy Local- Save a frog, a bass, yourself and the environment by doing so


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