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GMO makers have the upper hand but you have the choice.

BPA, BHA, BHT, DDT, PCB's Sodium Nitrate and Nitrites, 2, 4-D, 2, 4-T Atrazine, Glyphosate and Phthalates, all chemicals that the manufacturer has claimed were safe backed up by studies they funded.  Atrazine is not supposed to stay in the human body (according to industry research), yet Canadian researchers found it in the blood of pregnant women and then in their umbilical cords.  Does that mean it will be in the fetus?  Scientist have reported that pigs eating GMO corn leaves them with higher stomach inflammation then those fed non-gmo corn they have also found a new mutation in the DNA of GMO corn called Gene VI known as a viral gene. Viral as in virus.

Atrazine, is an endocrine disruptor found to castrate and feminize frogs, bass and other predictor species.  What do you think it is doing to fetuses?  We have a problem with our food supply.  Additives, preservatives and other synthetic substances are in our food with very little empirical research focusing on the affect to the human body.  Bombarded by health claims that truly are false, Michael Pollan in his book “In Defense of Food,” stated rather bluntly that if the package reports to be healthy or has any other claim of benefits, to the human body, it is not.  He went on to say, paraphrasing: read the ingredients, if the ingredients were not around when your grandmother was alive it is not good for you.  Whole foods are good for you, fruits vegetables, nuts and berries and yes, the occasional protein input

It is our time; we as a nation are a spending economy.  If we do not spend, then the one percent does not make money.  Raise your voice with your wallet.  Shop local, support local business, go to the mom and pop stores, and most of all source your food.  Find a local farm or CO-OP and ask questions; most importantly buy products labeled as NON-GMO.  Each of us has a duty to those less informed about their food choices.  You will hear "I cannot afford the prices of organic or naturally grown".  I know given economic choices hard decisions are made, but that does not mean you have to make the wrong choice.  As Pollan pointed out in his book, we spend money now for cell phones, cable, internet, internet games, streaming video and other services that we never had to before.  Once again, it comes down to choice.  It is a choice that profoundly affects the future health of you and those to come after us.

I know it is a radical suggestion, but by making that choice, you are supporting people that are benefiting the air you breathe, the food you eat and the earth that your family inhabits.  Besides, your taxes already go to pay for environmental ills caused by those that sell you this cheap, chemically laden food.  My question is why would you want to support that?  By staying local, you build your community backup.  The money you spend on a farm or at a farmers market goes to pay for local labor, local supplies and kept in your community.

Do not kid yourself, you are paying a larger price then you know, the choice you make today influences the lives of our future generations.  The science of today has proven the ill affects of the chemicals mentioned above.  Given the greed that we see around us from big-ag, would you have any other reason to believe that this history is not going to repeat itself?  GMO makers might have the upper hand but you my friend have the greatest gift to benefit yourself and future generations, you have a choice.

Buy Local: Help the hundreds of thousands of us, struggling to bring you fresh, safe, food


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