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Farm Love

Farm Love Is... 

  The anticipation of working the soil after a long hard winter.

Feeling the excitement and hope that spring brings with the change of season.

When you lose chickens and you feel pangs of guilt, stomach upset and heartbreak.

Knowing what you do makes an impact on people that purchase your product and the generations that will benefit from our sustainable practices.


Teaching kids about chickens, let them harvest eggs, wash, weigh, label and package them for sale.  Even though the broken egg count rises by 75 percent.

You find a wounded chicken, clean its wounds and place her in the hospital pen.  Watching and cleaning her wounds, then she recovers and starts laying eggs.

  The flock of layers spot you and start to run towards you, knowing they are about to get food, water or just some attention.

A one hundred degree day so you decide to take it easy, and only weed for three hours.

  Seeing the mothers bringing their kids to the fields to pick organic strawberries and witnessing the joy the family has.

You get a call from a total stranger to praise your efforts after tasting our eggs.

Something that less then one percent of our population gets to experience.  However, more people are joining the local movement in larger numbers.

What keeps us going and looking for that niche that will finally be our cash cow.

Coming home and Fer Coadee comes up to lick my face, out of pure love and joy and I let her, even though I know she has eaten chicken poo.


Buy Local: Your effort and dollars support more then you know

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