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Why Growing Organic is Vital

Have you heard the institutional advertising that a major seed manufacturer is playing over the radio airwaves.  How farming uses so much water and that their hybrid seeds and geneticaly engineered seeds will use less water and yield more food and how this is gowing to help farmers world-wide.  If that is true why is this major seed manufacturer  suing farmers all over the world for patent infrigment. When pollen drift is as natural and enevitable as the sun rise.  Why did Mexico outlaw ALL GM (genetically modified) foods, especially corn?  Then only to discover that strains of GMO corn have made their  way into the corn fields of Mexican farmers from the US.  Technically the big seed company should sue Mexican farmers too.  Go to www.hulu.com and search for the "Future of Food".

It is a documentary on how genetic engineering was accomplished, how seeds are patented and then used as a big stick to force farmers into the herbicide ready club,  We are at a cross roads in our concepts of food, where you see grass root efforts like the slow food, buy local food,and support local farms movements.  We have groups like Ark of Taste which is a movement to bring back heritage breeds from pigs, cows and chickens to tomatoes and everything else that has been genetically modified to fit the needs of the profit motive not that of the taste of the consumer.  From my stand point it is not only the lack of nasty checmicals on the food, or pathogens that cause recall after recall year after year but it is also the simple fact of taste.  Taste, remember when tomatoes tasted like sweet, soft, watery spheres of nutrition.  I've learned that which does not kill you serves to make you stronger.  In an organic plant that is basically the same concept, when a plant is attacked by a predator the plant releases its own sent that attracks bugs that are predators of the bug eating its leaves.  This doesn't work with an infestation but if the plant survives it grows stronger and has a better taste then the a plant that was sprayed with synthetic fertilizers and insecticides.  This opinion is derrived from reading and my own observation not a result from an imperical study. 

I trust my taste buds, I know what is on my plants, I know that the more we allow large corporations to genetically modify food the greater suseptubility we all face for unknow genetic mutation and greater risk of bacterial out breaks caused by a lack of stronger antbiotics.  That is why more than ever supporting local farmers and growing organic is vital.

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Great article brian. Go get them and let the people know!

Posted by tony on June 09, 2009 at 04:46 PM EDT #

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