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BPA "It's not just for kids, anymore".

There have been warnings about BPA (Bisphenal-A) for years.  Now we read news that it is affecting more then just kids.  BPA resides in food grade plastics and can linings.  Scientist found that when BPA gets heated, by the sun or other means, it leaches into the substance it is suppose to protect.  What it is protecting is the profits of the few at the detriments of the masses.  When the product is eaten, BPA enters the body.  Once again, the authorities will argue "trace amounts" to point to the relative safety of this supposed benign substance.

Yet, BPA is an endocrine disruptor (think castrated bullfrogs, feminized bass).  It has also been proven to cause birth defects.  However, the industrial food complex still disregards these findings and continues to use the substance in there packaging and canning material.

Now more adults are being adversely affected with the latest news that BPA is causing the narrowing of arteries.  You cannot make this stuff up.  We are actually supporting the people that are slowly poising us so that their stockholders and executives came make a fortune.

At our farm, we use corn containers, pulp and wood boxes and wooden bushel baskets.  It is part of being organic but it fits our practice of environmental sensitivity.  I do not think the cost of our containers and jars out-weigh the potential ill affect of using plastics made with BPA.  Could we benefit from purchasing cheaper containers?  Yes, we could, but not at the cost to the consumer, or environment or future generations.  It is not within our DNA to sacrifice health for profit. 

I have said it often; we are in it for the health not the wealth.  Besides, there is no such thing as monetary wealth on a small farm.  Wealth is measured against mostly environmental and sustainable health.  Are we raking in tons of money, no, (for that matter not even ounces).  However, our consumers get SAFE, fresh wholesome food and at the end of the day that is why we started growing for ourselves in the first place.

We just had this crazy idea that other people would want the same thing.  If you are going out of your way to eat healthy why place yourself in peril because of the industrial food complex‚Äôs' penchant for the almighty dollar.  Take the next step to find local farms.  Small farms are out there and waiting for your support.  Do something that the next few generations can look positively upon and makes them feel good.  They will reap the benefits of the stand their parents and grandparents took on their behalf.

Buy Local: It might not be perfect looking but it is healthy and safe

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