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Thursday, during the day, we lost fifteen layers to predators.  We have six left now.  We were selling four to five dozen eggs a week.  Four weeks ago, our high tunnel collapsed under snow.  Last season we had a loss of over 90 percent of our cash crops.  We closed our books in January.  Because our cash crops (corn and tomatoes) were destroyed by stinkbugs, our profit/loss ratio is strongly entrenched in the red.

The great news from all of this time is that we just got off the phone with our nephew who arrived home from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.  We were talking and as is his way, he asked how things on the farm were.  Both my wife and I were on the phone.  So I launched into our tails of woe, outlining the disasters.

As I was talking, I realized what Chris had gone through in this same period made what we went through seem like nothing.  Then everything clicked.  I joked about being self-indulged (a saying, truth in jest comes to mind) but I quickly turned the topic back to Chris and his transition into civilian life and future plans.  

He and his brothers are great kids, the two eldest have served their country proudly and with distinction in the Marines.  These are the babies I have seen grow up and take on responsibilities I cannot begin to fathom let alone understand. 

They are a product of patriotism and a call to duty much like all civil servants that work in local, state and federal governments.  They are truly the epitome of what John F. Kennedy meant when he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country".  These brave young men have put what I do and what I stand for in a realm that will never be anywhere near their true measurement of human beings and United States citizens. 

Then if you look at what is happening all around the globe, and compare it to what we have survived, the pity parties, the boo who meetings, all of those woe is me feelings, I cannot help but feel ashamed of my self yet blessed.  Sometimes, a simple phone call can put all your fears, anxieties, depression, failures and other negative feelings and emotions in the clearest of perspectives.

God bless all the men and women, friends and families of those serving overseas.  More importantly, God bless all that are still in harms way because they too headed the call. 


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