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Feeding the Wildlife

You never stop learning, I guess that's the good thing, but why does the learning process have to be so expensive?  For instance, it took six years of different mistakes before we got great corn, the one quote we got was from a repeat customer. The quote was "This is the best corn we've ever eaten".  My first thought was "Damn, they are old as dirt, they've had to of eaten a ton of corn in their life time!"   Then a wave of heat flushed my skin, and I was embarrassed.  Not for the thought, that was pretty funny, but for how that comment made me feel emotionally.  I was stunned, I felt victory, I felt sick to my stomach, but then it all led to a deep humbleness.  All this happened in a few seconds, but I managed to say, "Thank you, that was very kind."  We actually heard that a couple times, each time humbling and reaffirming.  

The corn happened because we strengthened our defenses.  We had chicken wire all round the bed and it was buried.  Then we had problems with birds, ground hogs, raccoon and deer.  After years of fighting the flora and the fauna we opted for a couple of high tech approaches and low tech as well.

For the birds, we used what's called a Bird-X eye scare.  Hang a couple up and they will help scare the birds away.  Something we found to work at night was a little solar powered flashing red light.  Deer see it and think it is the eyes of a predator.  It needs to be moved so the deer don't get used to it, but it does work in the dark.  Deer, however, graze in the morning and early evening as well as night. Then there is deer netting.  We've used it in various ways with great success in keeping the rest of the deer and other critters out.  When used with wire hoops you can keep a wide space to protect the crop. We will on occasion lay two or three layers in an area to make sure the vegetable is secure.  I think "an ounce of prevention is more things to sell at the market" or something close to that (it is hot and I can't be held accountable for every quote....).

Buy Local: If you don't then who will?  


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