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Greenhouse sprouts everywhere

Well, we've got 10,00 plants growing in the greenhouse.  As best I can recall, this is the order that the sprouts appeared:

- cucumbers

- zucchini

- peas

- watermelons

- muskmelon

- cantaloupe

- brussel sprouts

- acorn squash

- beans (also very quick)

- cabbage (planted later, very fast sprouting)

- tomatoes

- okra

- peppers (take a long time it seems)

I think the greatest "surprise" was a small container of beans we planted late.  Frank was cooking some pinto beans and had a bag of dried beans from the store.  When putting them in to rinse, he spilled about a dozen onto the kitchen floor.  I scooped them up and put them in a round container of soil in the greenhouse.  They came up in just a few days, and at about two weeks growth they are 4-5 inches tall and very healthy looking!

I don't know if the beans will produce, as I only know they were pintos and don't know how they might have been grown or if they may be from hybrids.  We'll need to wait many more weeks before we see how they produce.  These will likely be part of our family garden, rather than part of the Garden Plant Giveaways we are doing in April, as we are experimenting to see how they do. :-)

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