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Grow And Share gardeners reporting good news, preparing for next year's garden plant giveaway

We’ve been getting emails and phone calls from our gardeners lately, letting us know that the plants from the plant giveaway are growing well. It makes us happy to know that those little plants we started in the greenhouse have traveled far and grown well. Thank you all for letting us know that you are sharing food from the plants we shared with you!

When we did the Garden Plant Giveaway in April, we were able to give each gardener who signed our pledge (to share) about 5 pots of plants. Each pot had an average of 3 plants, so we were able to give away about 15 plants per person.

For next year, we are gathering pots and are planning to give approximately 2 dozen plants per person. Depending on what pots are donated, and what funding we have to buy more, each gardener in 2010 will either get 2 dozen small plots with one plant each, or a variety of mixed size pots with 1 to 5 plants each. We’ll know more as we get into the Fall.

We are ALSO gathering seeds, not just pots! Whether you have a seed packet with seeds left in it, or seeds you took from veggies you grew (or bought at the store), we would love to have them. Get the seeds to us any way that you can and we will put them away and start planning for the March sowing in 2010.

FINALLY, not only will we will need to grow more plants to give away more to each gardener, we are expanding our 2010 giveaways so that we will hold one in Franklin County and a separate one in Wake Counties (gardeners can be from ANY NC county to get free plants). Our greenhouse, which Frank made from recycled windows, will need to have an addition put on it. If you have a greenhouse that you can give to us, or even a good supply of windows that you can donate, please call. We want to get these things in place before Fall this year.

Take care, and thank you to those who are sharing their garden goodies with neighbors, friends, and strangers!!

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