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Wanted: Seeds for veggies, melons, beans, etc. for Non-profit

Non-profit GROW AND SHARE is seeking seed. If you have any packets you won't be using, or even parts of leftover packets, we would love to have them. Please visit for address/phone to donate by mailing them or to arrange pickup for larger amounts of seed.

We focus on shared and community gardening to fight hunger. Donate your un-needed seed, we will grow your seeds into plants, and in April we will give the plants away to gardeners in many neighborhoods. The food grown on those plants will be shared with neighbors, strangers in need, and food banks.

Help us get lots of healthy garden produce into the hands of the needy, and to help US residents eat healthier from local gardens!

We ESPECIALLY need tomato seeds and greens seeds. All vegetable/fruit/legume seeds are welcome. No flowers, please, unless they are edibles. :-)

Thank you in advance for your donation!


Greenhouse 2 and request for your help

Greenhouse 2 is well on its way to relocation here at Grow And Share in Zebulon, NC USA.

This past weekend, volunteers Riley E., Mitch A., Craig A., AJ B., and Frank and Kay Whatley took down all of the electrical systems. Heater, fans, and other components have been taken down and readied for the move.

This upcoming Saturday, December 12th, a group of volunteers and the local Crop Mob will be taking down the greenhouse structure and plastic and loading it into trucks. We hope to move all the components to our site by the end of the weekend.

By the following week, re-construction at the new greenhouse site will be underway. The plan is to have the greenhouse re-built and electrical systems re-connected by the end of the year.

We could use a few more volunteers and some support. Please email Grow And Share if you can help us with:

- taking down the greenhouse this Saturday

- access to a large truck for moving the pipes and other pieces

- ASAP this week access to a bob cat to finish smoothing the greenhouse's new site, or donations to help us cover rental costs ($350 for a single day).

- assistance over the next two weeks with re-assembly

- donation of cinder blocks, boards, or heavy wire mesh to construct tables inside the greenhouse

- miscellaneous other help

We thank our generous benefactor for his donation of this wonderful, all-inclusive greenhouse. In January 2010 as the greenhouse is brought online, we will be dedicating it to this kind gentleman and his family. More details on the dedication will be posted at that time.


End-of-Year Fund Drive and "Garden In A Box" Packs

At this time of the year, we know you are likely thinking about charitable donations as well as holiday shopping. We at Grow And Share would like to help you on both fronts. We'd like you to give us your tax deductible donation, and in return we'll provide you with a "thank you" -- a garden Starter Pack or Deluxe Pack which you can use for yourself or give as a holiday gift.

Help us reach our goals with our end-of-year fund drive. Like all non-profits, monetary donations are necessary for our work to continue uninterrupted. Your donation now helps us wage 2010's fight against hunger,

Details are available in a PDF (email to request) and we hope you will take a few minutes to see what the garden Packs are all about.

We will make the most of your contribution. We've worked hard to run efficiently this year and done a lot with manual labor, recycled/donated supplies, and the funds raised from our music festival.

Starter Pack (gift to donors of $50 or more)

Grow And Share Garden Starter Pack

* Not pictured, but also includes 3/4 yard of organic garden soil if picked up or delivered within 50 mile radius of Zebulon NC.

Deluxe Pack (gift to donors of $100 or more)

Grow And Share Garden Deluxe Pack

* Not pictured, but also includes 1-1/2 yards of organic garden soil if picked up or delivered within 50 mile radius of Zebulon NC.


Garden soil needed for school gardens

We are working with two elementary schools putting in gardens. The gardens are expected to be installed during October, barring no delays. One is needed at the start of October to fit with the teacher's lesson plans. We have materials, tillers, labor and seeds/plants we need.

We are seeking donations of garden soil -- preferrably organic garden soil -- for approximately 130 square feet (two areas at each of the two elementary schools). If your company or organization can donate this soil, please contact Kay at 919.269.5414 (Grow And Share).


Announcement by Whole Foods-Raleigh

Just announced by Whole Foods:

"This Thursday, August 27th, Whole Foods Market in Raleigh, NC will be collecting surplus produce from area gardeners to donate to Grow and Share ( This is a great opportunity to donate those prolific veggies and fruits you’ve run out of recipes for! The donation basket will be located in our produce department."

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