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Greenhouse sprouts everywhere

Well, we've got 10,00 plants growing in the greenhouse.  As best I can recall, this is the order that the sprouts appeared:

- cucumbers

- zucchini

- peas

- watermelons

- muskmelon

- cantaloupe

- brussel sprouts

- acorn squash

- beans (also very quick)

- cabbage (planted later, very fast sprouting)

- tomatoes

- okra

- peppers (take a long time it seems)

I think the greatest "surprise" was a small container of beans we planted late.  Frank was cooking some pinto beans and had a bag of dried beans from the store.  When putting them in to rinse, he spilled about a dozen onto the kitchen floor.  I scooped them up and put them in a round container of soil in the greenhouse.  They came up in just a few days, and at about two weeks growth they are 4-5 inches tall and very healthy looking!

I don't know if the beans will produce, as I only know they were pintos and don't know how they might have been grown or if they may be from hybrids.  We'll need to wait many more weeks before we see how they produce.  These will likely be part of our family garden, rather than part of the Garden Plant Giveaways we are doing in April, as we are experimenting to see how they do. :-)


Greenhouse Status

We will be pulling the greenhouse poles out of the ground tomorrow and then moving them to the new site to put back in. Hard work but worth it!

We can still use volunteers to assist with moving the greenhouse (Zebulon in Wake County) and re-assembly (Zebulon/Pilot in Franklin County).

Moving will continue this Wednesday and Saturday, and then re-assembly will begin! We will be working pretty much every day from this Saturday through early January to get the greenhouse up.

Once we have the greenhouse working in January, we'll be planting 10,000 plants for giveaway in April.  (All US gardeners welcome to come to the giveaway for our free garden plants, as long as you are willing to sign our pledge to share your harvest.)

Please email or call if you are available to help in the next few weeks.


I’d like to again thank our volunteers from this past Saturday. With help from Guerrilla Growfair (Crop Mob) we were able to dis-assembly the entire greenhouse! Helpers included Mitch A., Steven H., Paul B., Matt R., Fabian L., and of course Grow And Share’s own Frank W. and Kay W. We worked from early morning through about 4:30pm and accomplished quite a bit. Thank you all for helping!


Greenhouse 2 and request for your help

Greenhouse 2 is well on its way to relocation here at Grow And Share in Zebulon, NC USA.

This past weekend, volunteers Riley E., Mitch A., Craig A., AJ B., and Frank and Kay Whatley took down all of the electrical systems. Heater, fans, and other components have been taken down and readied for the move.

This upcoming Saturday, December 12th, a group of volunteers and the local Crop Mob will be taking down the greenhouse structure and plastic and loading it into trucks. We hope to move all the components to our site by the end of the weekend.

By the following week, re-construction at the new greenhouse site will be underway. The plan is to have the greenhouse re-built and electrical systems re-connected by the end of the year.

We could use a few more volunteers and some support. Please email Grow And Share if you can help us with:

- taking down the greenhouse this Saturday

- access to a large truck for moving the pipes and other pieces

- ASAP this week access to a bob cat to finish smoothing the greenhouse's new site, or donations to help us cover rental costs ($350 for a single day).

- assistance over the next two weeks with re-assembly

- donation of cinder blocks, boards, or heavy wire mesh to construct tables inside the greenhouse

- miscellaneous other help

We thank our generous benefactor for his donation of this wonderful, all-inclusive greenhouse. In January 2010 as the greenhouse is brought online, we will be dedicating it to this kind gentleman and his family. More details on the dedication will be posted at that time.



Yesterday was a good, busy day preparing to put in the new greenhouse.  We got some help clearing out some trees.  More information and photos are online at

We're looking forward to expanding our greenhouse space.  In April, we'll be giving away approximately 10,000 plants.  Garden plants are free to US residents who sign a pledge to share their harvest.  Giveaways will take place in Wake and Franklin counties, but you don't have to live in this area to come and get the free plants.

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