Spring Hill Farm

  (Ruther Glen, Virginia)
Tales from the Back 40

Early Spring

Well, things have certainly greened up around here. Each weekend there is more and more activity outside. The first rounds of seeds have been sown.  We are very grateful for the rains that have been coming regularly and will never taken them for granted again. Except for dampening down the radish and arugula bed last week, the only watering has been done by God. I pray that he will be merciful on us this season and keeps it coming...about 1 inch a week as they say!!

We haven't seen any critters yet, but I know they are out there. Fluffy is still vigilant.  Our peas have a tendency to get mowed down because they are the first signs of life (except for garlic and onions) and must be quite tasty without the first inkling of a pod. If they don't get attacked this time, I know its because of Fluffy standing at the top of the hill and barking half of the night. It will be worth the lost sleep if I don't have to cover or spray with Plantskyyd...which the mosquitoes love on you because one of the ingredients is animal blood...and Fluffy likes it too and stomps on the vines...

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