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Late Winter

Well, the calendar still says its winter, but the weatherman says it is spring. I am not looking forward to losing that hour of sleep Sunday morning! This time of year also brings volatile weather which can make  the evening hours tense. The way our house is situated, the wind always sounds worse than it is...most of the time. Every now and then, it actually is as bad as it sounds. My heart and prayers go out to those affected by tornadoes and floods.

The pets are still holding their own.  Fluffy, our samoyed/chow mix is holding her own with the groundhogs.  They seem to be getting bigger. I don't know if she is getting better at catching them or she culling the elderly of the population.  I just want to see tomatoes, squash and lots of them that haven't been snatched off the vine or nibbled through.  Clawed how adopted us  a few years ago is still hear.  He gets a little heavier in the winter, but I think its because he stays in the garage most of the day instead of foraging far from home. 
This time of year, I am always excited. Its still cold. There are no weeds. We don't have to pull out the hoses and crank up the water pump. No insects eating anything or annoying us. It makes it a lot easier.  Last week, my husband was able to clean up and break ground.
Toward the end of the week, we planted a couple of rows of garlic and one row each of yellow and red onions.  Some peas will go in this weekend. And so it begins!
Enjoy the ups and downs of March! 


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