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Hudson Farmers' Market Celebrates International Day of Climate Action

On October 24, concerned citizens and groups all over the world will be celebrating the International Day of Climate Action with projects, demonstrations, and displays, all emphasizing our need to reduce our carbon presence on the environment.  The Hudson Market hosts the Cairo-Durham E.A.R.T.H. Club with their displays and promotional gifts.  Please visit with these high schoolers to find out more about what we can each do to reverse this world-wide problem.  More information is available at

Still Farmin' Through November 21

Wow, the fall has been busy!  Today's market was sunny and a little nippy....a good day for wool socks!  Although a few of the vendors, those with tender vegetables, are done for the year, we still have a solid core of farmers bringing produce, milk, meats, flowers, baked goods, pesto, cheese, and eggs.  We're open through the weekend before Thanksgiving.......this would be a great place to buy those pies and breads that make the Thanks giving meal so special!

Another Great Saturday!

Yesterday was another great Saturday!  After days and days of rain -- a deluge every day -- we enjoyed the one crisp, sunny day we can expect this week.  Lots of food buyers, beautiful kids, and friendly dogs!  We welcomed back Martin's Sweet Corn, and they sold out before the market even ended.  We needed to postpone our annual corn roast because the rain has been so persistent that it has been difficult to pick!

Rain has been a problem for all of the farmers....garlic is wet and difficult to dry, some seeds have rotted in the ground and need to be re-planted, and some of the farmers have small streams that are now swollen over some of the fields.  In spite of a tomato/potato blight in the area, several vendors did have wonderful ones.  Dale had peaches!  We have been hugely lucky....every vendor has product in abundance! 

Our calendar, found at, and our newsletter (same address to sign up, keep everyone up to date on any special events.




Cookbooks at the Market

On July 25th, we welcome Joan Zippe, from Ginsburg's Foods.  She will be selling the Ginsburg's own cookbook with all proceeds going to local hospital charities.  Let's get out and support our hospital with this worthy project.

Market Day and Festivities in Hudson

It promises to be a big day in Hudson tomorrow.  The Farmers' Market will of course be open and there is also a two day festival at the waterfront, honoring the history of Henry Hudson.  The Half Moon will be at the dock and there are lots of children's activities.




WIC Update; Welcome back, Dave and Helen

At least five of vendors have gone through the initial training to accept a new food benefit, WIC Vegetable and Fruit coupons.    Lots of paperwork for the farmers but certainly a worthy job if it offers people more options.

Veteran vendor Crosswinds Farm returned to the market this past Saturday....good to see Dave and Helen.  Among their offerings were lots of peppers and potatoes -- delicious!  Things are really starting to come on now!  The tables at Farm at Millers' Crossing and Red Oak Farm looked so voluptuous! 



Check out our weekly market update

Besides our valued connection with Local Harvest, we are maintaining a simple website,  Register there to receive a weekly emailed update of what will be available at the market.

Fourth of July

Fourth of July!  Abby Lappen, local singer/songwriter and recording artist, sang for us throughout the market and brought a friend, Peter, on drums.  Fresh locally made goat cheese for the first time -- added to the selection of hard cheeses already available through Pampered Cow!.  We also saw this week the first small offerings of tomatoes, cucumbers, and summer squash.  David, from Churchtown Gardens, brought Chocolate Zucchini Bread along with his usual breads and foccacia.  We sold a lot of our new blue "Hudson Farmers' Market" bags, as people are really working to use renewables.  We were thankful for beautiful weather on the 4th, with NO rain.  There were lots of new customers as well as our regular favorites and we were all very busy.  Gorgeous day and a Happy Fourth!



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