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Sunshine is our friend

NE Washington weather has been ideal for our gardens, as long as we have enough water to assist in the growing process.  However, this past week has seen the average day temps in the mid 90's - the vegetables are able to 'cool down' somewhat in the evening hours when the temps drop to the mid 50's.

Our local area has experienced a 900 acre forest fire this past 24 hours.  Thankfully, our local Fire District was able to contain the fire with the assistance of Department of Natural Resources and other state agencies.  Apparently the fire started in an illegal burn in a sparsely populated area.

 Zucchini, beets and beans are growing quickly in this heat.  The garlic 'scapes' are tasty and make a nice addition to many food recipes.  Some of the area garlic growers are starting to harvest this wonderful 'vegetable''; appears to be a good yield also.  

Local honey producers have excellent honey for sale in our local Farmers Markets - buy local honey, you'll like it. 

Chicks, bunnies and baby goats are doing well, too.  Several farmers/growers have purchased 'kiddy' wading pools for their animals to help keep cool in this time of heat.

Strawberries were good this year and now we are in to the raspberry harvest time.  This is such a good time of year for those of us who enjoy the sweet flavor of these fruits along with the sweet cherry harvest, also.

Our Glass Gem corn is growing nicely ... we are looking forward to the beautiful kernals it produces - many colors - red, blue, brown, green, pink, red, green ....

Summertime in NE Washington provides many areas of recreation - lots of lakes and mountains .... time to count our Blessings. 



Spring time in NE Washington State

We were contacted last week about weaner pigs - we did raise hogs for over 40 years; however, we no longer have hogs on our farm.  Our long time friends about 50 miles north of us still raise pigs - they were contacted and were willing to sell weaners to our neighbors.

 We had a good time traveling in a nice big pickup ... visiting and laughing along the way.  Our friend's 11 year old daughter enjoyed teaching me how to use her new electronic 'tablet', too.  

I had advised our neighbors that the hog farm was located up on a mountainside .... most of the 50 miles was on paved roads; however, the last  couple of miles was just a primitive-type road which meant no road signs.  The dirt road was rather narrow and about that time, we met a 'pig poo' truck coming down the mountain road - gave the neighbors quite a thrill!

We did arrive at the hog farm finding our long time friend, Doris weeding in her garden greeting us with her sweet smiling face.  She is such a dear friend.  After a good cup of coffee and freshly baked cookies plus visiting and laughter we went to the hog barns.   Our friends have about 80 to 100 sows (mother pigs) which means they have an inventory of 800 pigs of various sizes.

Three weaner pigs were chosen and we on our way back home -- our neighbors had built a very nice/strong pen for their new 'little ones'.  Good times for all .... and then we met a week old Nigerian Dwarf goat baby - what a cutie!  Baby pigs and baby goats .... Springtime has arrived!



Singing in the Rain .... well, maybe just getting wet in the rain!

This area of Northeast Washington has been so very warm and dry for most of this month of June; however, these past 3 or 4 days it has been WET and WINDY.  

Our local hay farmers have been having a real challenge in trying to get their cut hay baled and in the barn - the low temperature in our area was 45 degrees during the night - pretty cool temp for this time of year with a high temp of only 55 yesterday.

Our flower and vegetable gardens do appreciate the water but they are not too thrilled with the quite cool nighttime temps.  

 With all this rain and hopefully warmer temps soon .... there should be a good crop of vegetables for the various Farmers Markets in the area.

 The weather man has suggested that perhaps the temps will be up in the mid 70's for this weekend with continued scattered rain showers.  There is a Triathalon in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho this weekend so the warmer temps will be appreciated.

 Keep on visiting and buying from your Local Farmers Markets .... meet your local farmer and become friends.


Springtime in NE Washington State

Sunshine, gusty wind, sporadic rains, cold night temps and warmer day temps - this is NE Washington State Springtime!

Low temps have been in the 30's while the highs have been in the low 70's and upper 60's.  However, the weatherman tells us that for the next week our high temps will be about 20 degrees lower -

Raised beds have been planted - peas, Touchon carrots, heirloom beets, onions, kale and swiss chard; about the first week in June the squash, tomato, cantaloupe and cucumber plants will be 'set out'.

 In our are of NE Washington State we are in USDA Zone 4 - which means we have about 90 days of growing weather - we cannot garden accidentally.  We have to really want to 'garden' in this area.  

 Springtime always brings the baby lambs, kids, foals and calves.  The enjoyment of watching the farm babies is always entertaining, too.

The first Sunday in June is Clayton Farmers Market 2013 opening day.  One of our faithful garden produce vendors has moved to Alaska.  Shadow Seven Ranch family has gone onto another adventure in the North Country of Alaska.  We wish the SS Ranch the very best.

Another season to enjoy our bountiful harvest!  Shop Local and Buy Local at your Farmers Market. 



Springtime in NE Washington State

The sun has been shining along with gusty wind and raindrops.  It's been rather a 'blustery' month of May in our area.  The evening temperatures have been in the upper 30's - with the daytime temps in the upper 60's.  

Two of our raised beds have been planted - Alaska peas, Touchon carrots, Swiss Chard, heirloom beets, onion plants and kale.  The seeds just into the ground last week, but the kale has made its appearance already.  Blue Lake pole beans along with Scarlet Runner Beans will be planted by the end of the May.  Both the Blue Lake and Scarlet Runner Beans have such good flavor along with a good production of those good beans.

Summer and winter squash, various tomato varieties along with Hearts O Gold cantaloupe and pickling cucumbers will be 'set out' about the 5th of June.   

Baby calves, lambs and kids are making their appearances at local farms in our area.  Our Clayton Farmers Market allow the local farmers to sell their farm babies at our Market; the local folks do like to know their farmers, too.

The first Sunday in June begins the 2013 season for Clayton Farmers Market.  One of our regular vendors has moved to Alaska!  Our Market will miss Shadow Seven Ranch - we wish them much success as they make their new home/venture in 'The North Country'.   

 Shop Local - Buy Local -- Support your local producer ...  


Winter time - - Clayton - NE Washington State

First week of March, 2013 - farm fields still covered with snow/ice - our low temperature was 19o this morning with an afternoon high of about 35o.

 The robins, red winged blackbirds are back.  Yesterday a beautiful Great Heron came to visit the Beaver Creek that runs through the property.  Even our Bald Eagles are happy that Spring will soon be here.

Finches, quail, magpies and chickadees are fat and happy that hubby keeps the bird feeders filled.

Just 12 weeks and our 2013 Clayton Farmers Market and Small Farm Animals open for this productive garden/craft/farm baby animals season.   
Many of our local farmers have already 'started' vegetable/flower seeds to germinate ... getting ready for garden planting in May/June.  We live in a USDA growing zone 4 - we have about 90 growing days.  This past year of 2012 however, a frost came every month which made for a very tough mature/harvest time.


Springtime in NE Washington State

Springtime!  Animal babies - lambs, chicks, bunnies .... lots of green vegetation with this very wet Spring.   Snow is just about gone on Mt Spokane - Yay!  Time for garden to be finally planted - Yay!  

Sunshine is so very welcome these days while working in the garden.  Our Australian Shepherds love to run and play now that the weather is warming up.  

 Hummingbirds, Gold Finches, Red winged blackbirds, Pheasants, Quail, Swallows, Robins, Magpies, House Finches, Owls, Hawks are enjoying these beautiful days too.

Our Whitetail deer are out and about in the early morning hours ... there are now several Elk in our area, too. 

 We live in a beautiful area - lots of blessings for sure.


Beautiful Red Delicious Berries .....

Fresh from their garden, our vendors brought red and delicious looking strawberries -- shortcake time!

 Fresh lettuce and spinach must mean in is the beginning of Summer in NE Washington State!  

 Wonderful amber colored honey produced locally is sparkling beautiful in their containers ....

Fresh chicken eggs, laying hens, Rouen ducks, young chickens ....Farmers Market time ....

 Counting our blessings . . . . . .


Father's Day at Clayton Fathers Market

June 19 -- Bits of sunshine, bits of light rain on Dad's Day!

Spinach, lettuce, rhubarb were popular items at Clayton FM.  Of course, all locally grown .... pesticide free, too.  Temperatures were in the mid 60's today - supposed to reach into the low 80's later this week - Yay!!!

Fresh chicken eggs sold out!

Young live chickens sold right away!

 Freshly baked cinnamon rolls - coconut cookies - all so good!

 Honey 'bears' continue to be very popular .... locally produced, of course.

Beverley, our local spinner of fine fibers - always interesting to watch.

'Banjo Bob' - local country western entertainer today .... good job, Bob!

June 26 - Next week 'Mountain Musicians' will be playing their popular cowboy / country western music .... fiddle, guitar, banjo ..... good times


Sunshine on Sunday - We are celebrating! Sharing a radish with a 4 year old!

Another beautiful 'sunshiny' (June 12th) day at Clayton Farmers Market - We are thankful!

 One of our vendors - 4 year old Ty walked up to me so friendly holding a 3/4 eaten fresh radish ....'want a bite'? he asked.  Of course I couldn't turn down an offer like that!  I took a itty bitty bite and it was so good!  Ty then turned to my husband asking him if HE wanted a bite ..... husband told him "not today" .... young Ty walked away munching the rest of that wonderful tasty radish!  What a great example of the 'down to earth' folks we know and love at our local Farmers Market.



Opening Day - Clayton Farmers Market

Beautiful weather for Clayton Farmers Market opening day this past Sunday, June 5.  Visitors, Vendors and Musicians all present at CFM! 

Small Farm Animals were for sale, too.  Handmade crafts, local honey, Plants, Chickens, fresh eggs, freshly baked bread, rolls and cookies .... fresh coffee, lemonade and cookies for all. 

No complaints from anyone ....  Every Sunday 'till Hard Freeze .... 'bout the end of September in our area of NE Washington State. 


May Sunshine - Yes!

May 18, 2011 

Beautiful day of sunshine here in the Clayton Washington area - 90 miles South of Canadian border - 40 miles West of Idaho Border - Southern Stevens County - high of 70 degrees ... (got down to 31 last night!).

 Our hummingbirds are enjoying their feeders as are the finches, red winged blackbirds ... quail and pheasant do like their cracked corn .... the noisy magpie birds are busy, too.  Our resident Canada geese are nesting on Beaver Creek which runs through our property .... lots of ducks also. 

 Thankfully the rains are holding off for awhile -- lots of standing water in the low laying areas of our farmland.  Our Primrose plants are happily blooming as are the tulips and daffodils.  Our Formosa bleeding hearts are just beginning to show their delicate blooms.  We've had cold temperatures which has made it difficult to keep our seedlings growing at a healthy rate.



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