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Spring time in NE Washington State

We were contacted last week about weaner pigs - we did raise hogs for over 40 years; however, we no longer have hogs on our farm.  Our long time friends about 50 miles north of us still raise pigs - they were contacted and were willing to sell weaners to our neighbors.

 We had a good time traveling in a nice big pickup ... visiting and laughing along the way.  Our friend's 11 year old daughter enjoyed teaching me how to use her new electronic 'tablet', too.  

I had advised our neighbors that the hog farm was located up on a mountainside .... most of the 50 miles was on paved roads; however, the last  couple of miles was just a primitive-type road which meant no road signs.  The dirt road was rather narrow and about that time, we met a 'pig poo' truck coming down the mountain road - gave the neighbors quite a thrill!

We did arrive at the hog farm finding our long time friend, Doris weeding in her garden greeting us with her sweet smiling face.  She is such a dear friend.  After a good cup of coffee and freshly baked cookies plus visiting and laughter we went to the hog barns.   Our friends have about 80 to 100 sows (mother pigs) which means they have an inventory of 800 pigs of various sizes.

Three weaner pigs were chosen and we on our way back home -- our neighbors had built a very nice/strong pen for their new 'little ones'.  Good times for all .... and then we met a week old Nigerian Dwarf goat baby - what a cutie!  Baby pigs and baby goats .... Springtime has arrived!


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