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Sunshine is our friend

NE Washington weather has been ideal for our gardens, as long as we have enough water to assist in the growing process.  However, this past week has seen the average day temps in the mid 90's - the vegetables are able to 'cool down' somewhat in the evening hours when the temps drop to the mid 50's.

Our local area has experienced a 900 acre forest fire this past 24 hours.  Thankfully, our local Fire District was able to contain the fire with the assistance of Department of Natural Resources and other state agencies.  Apparently the fire started in an illegal burn in a sparsely populated area.

 Zucchini, beets and beans are growing quickly in this heat.  The garlic 'scapes' are tasty and make a nice addition to many food recipes.  Some of the area garlic growers are starting to harvest this wonderful 'vegetable''; appears to be a good yield also.  

Local honey producers have excellent honey for sale in our local Farmers Markets - buy local honey, you'll like it. 

Chicks, bunnies and baby goats are doing well, too.  Several farmers/growers have purchased 'kiddy' wading pools for their animals to help keep cool in this time of heat.

Strawberries were good this year and now we are in to the raspberry harvest time.  This is such a good time of year for those of us who enjoy the sweet flavor of these fruits along with the sweet cherry harvest, also.

Our Glass Gem corn is growing nicely ... we are looking forward to the beautiful kernals it produces - many colors - red, blue, brown, green, pink, red, green ....

Summertime in NE Washington provides many areas of recreation - lots of lakes and mountains .... time to count our Blessings. 



Sunshine on Sunday - We are celebrating! Sharing a radish with a 4 year old!

Another beautiful 'sunshiny' (June 12th) day at Clayton Farmers Market - We are thankful!

 One of our vendors - 4 year old Ty walked up to me so friendly holding a 3/4 eaten fresh radish ....'want a bite'? he asked.  Of course I couldn't turn down an offer like that!  I took a itty bitty bite and it was so good!  Ty then turned to my husband asking him if HE wanted a bite ..... husband told him "not today" .... young Ty walked away munching the rest of that wonderful tasty radish!  What a great example of the 'down to earth' folks we know and love at our local Farmers Market.


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