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Searching for my own pastures

Since November, I have been searching the local area for an existing barn and available pastures where I can relocate my herd of alpacas. At 30 some alpacas, it hasn't been affordable for a couple of years to board the alpacas at someone elses' alpaca farm. I have been sub-leasing fenced pastures and a barn for the last 3 years and it has been quite equitable, reimbursing for the property taxes and buying my own hay and grain and caring for them myself is the ideal situation if you can't own your own land.

Since hubby refuses to 'live in the country.' I'm kind of tied down to living in the city while leasing country space for the herd. But since November, I have been looking for a new location. The current landowner has decided not to continue the lease, maybe offer the land for sale or repurpose it, I don't know why. So here I am in quite a predicament with 30 alpacas and no home for them.

Alpacas require at the least a 3 sided, roofed shelter, access to fresh water, orchard grass hay here in the northeast, a daily ration of alpaca grain for 'some' of the minerals they need, pasture to graze in the summer will reduce costs. Fencing is to keep stray DOGS as well as coyotes away from the alpacas as much as it is to keep the alpacas in. They tend to try to get to where the grass is greener, or the boys or always trying to get to the girls, otherwise they don't usually challenge fencing. Commonly, a 5 foot high no climb fence is recommended, although I have seen 5 wire stretched fencing used inside the pastures for dividing it up.

If you know of a suitable property nearby Clyde, OH 43410 please contact me! Cheers, Bonnie

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