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Stuffed Napa Cabbage

This week, we had a freakishly huge bok choy and a freakishly huge napa cabbage. I pretended they were battling each other, complete with Godzilla music, in our "what's in the bag?" video. I made the bok choy last night, in a stir-fry with chicken om nom nom, but tonight I went with my old favorite: stuffed cabbage. 

 I started by rolling them up like cigars -- a skill I learned making sarma, an Armenian dish where spicy meat is rolled up into grape leaves, around our white '70s-style tulip table as a child. The grape leaves were from my grandpa's arbor in Queens. Let me tell you, I would have a great career as a cigar maker.

 Anywho, I got tired of this quick. I'd been out with my daughters all day, I have precious little time on the computer as it is, and deadlines were a-looming, so I dispensed with the cigars and went with what basically ended up looking like a ginormous mutant stuffed artichoke. I just layered the cabbage leaves and meat till I had reassembled the cabbage, then wrapped the whole shebang in cheesecloth and dumped it in the tomato/brown sugar sauce. Then I threw in some borscht because I didn't have any red wine and that's what my grandma (other side, not the Armenian one, and from Brooklyn, not Queens) used as a base for her cabbage soup.

 As I type this, I can hear the girls shrieking, but that might not be from dinner horror. They're both overtired. I'm overhungry. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a super awesome dinner.

 What'd you do with your super-napa cabbage?

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