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The Best Sandwich and other dreams come true

It's happened.  I've eaten the best sandwich ever, and it didn't just seem that way because I was hungry.  I wasn't even going to eat another lunch, actually. So here's what happened.

 I went into San Francisco to meet with the guys who started Local: Mission Eatery, to see if they wanted to carry veggies from my CSA.  Their place is awesome, by the way: clean, light, open -- and good smelling. They have a lending library of cookbooks, too. Totally cool.  Anyway, the meeting went well. We're all on the same page, and I was going to leave, but something told me to wait. Step back. Eat a sandwich.  So I ordered.

Luck Dog Steak Sandwich with roasted and pickled spring onions, arugula, and garlic confit.  Oh. My. God.  The meat was tender, cooked to rare perfection, yet a little crispy on the outside.  The arugula spicy, the garlic like butter, the toasted bun so yum.... It was the perfect sandwich.  Go and get one. Seriously.  

In a little while I am going to have dinner.  



City Girl

So, since I grew up in Manhattan, I've been, in the words of Woody Allen, "at two with nature."  But I am on a quest to change that! Today I drove to Valley End Farm in Santa Rosa, where my CSA gets its vegetables and fruit.  What a day!  As I left the the East bay the scenery changed from cement to green, green green.  

 As this blog moves ahead, it is my plan to open my mind and heart to nature. Everyone I know gets pleasure from it-- why not this city girl? 

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