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Greetings From Florida!

Hello All!

Now, I probably will have different readers, and if you are such, welcome. I'm Maija Trevino, Todd and SueAnne's teenage daughter. We have been living here in Bushnell, Florida for the past couple of months, but I have just now been able to get motivated enough to update the website and put up a blog.

 All of our babies are here with us and happy and healthy, thankfully. We are possibly going to be having a cria within the week, and we have several due this fall.

 The girls and boys seem to be enjoying the weather here, especially those who are older, and tend to be more achy, like Allegria. She is more than happy to now be living here, in the Sunshine State.

Well, that's all I have for now. I only wanted to give you all a quick update and say how things are going. I'll update you guys later!!



Hello from CinemaPacas

Hey guys,

I know, I have been horrible at keeping up, but, that's how it goes with me :) I get distracted easily. Not hard to do with a lot of animals, and things to do.

All of you guys should see our little cria, Smoke. He is the most precious thing :) I have been feeding him three bottles a day, because his mom, Peaches isn't producing any milk whatsoever. He loves getting his bottles, but sometimes he throws little "tantrums" just like a toddler.

Wanna know what his absolute FAVORITE treat in the whole world is? Pillsburry No-Fuss Frosting. Don't worry. We never give him too much. Just a little dab :) If he finishes all eight ounces, sometimes he gets a treat of frosting. I wish I could make this acursed picture uploader on here work for me... Hahaha, oh well...

I know that this isn't a very big blog, but I will try to update again soon.

Take care, all!


P.S. We are going to be moving fairly soon, so I'll keep you guys updated on that as well.


Farm Updates

Hey All,

It's been a while since I last updated.

We had a cria born last month, on October 8th. His name is CinemaPacas Smoking Gun, and we call him Smoke for short. He is a gorgeous little guy. He is out of our multicolored herdsire and multi-producer, Gunsmoke's Silver Renegade (Silver) and Great Oaks Peruvian Accoyo Peaches (Peaches). Smoke is named as such for the smoky colors mixed in his fiber. He is absolutely full of spunk and energy. He's got about half of the colors on the color charts! We are calling him a mixture of dark silver grey, and medium rose grey, because those are, literally, the colors that he has mixed in him.

One of our females, Wolfberry, has a new home to go to soon. She is a farm favorite, so, we will miss her, but we are glad that she is going to a new home, to our now extended family, with the Andersons. :)

Well guys, I think that that is all I have for you for now. I will TRY to update soon when I'm not outside or doing schoolwork.


Update on the Fair

Hey guys,

Saturday went off without a hitch, and I believe that Billy and Artie and several pounds heavier... ;) Indy didn't enjoy it as much, but all three of them loved the little kids, and they soon learned that when a little kid stopped by and put hand sanitizer on that it was time to CHOW DOWN!

Tomorrow we will be in the YOUNG McDonald Barn (I put it down incorrectly last time :P), and we will be taking Nala and Abby and Daffodil. We decided that it would be educational for people if we took a full-fleeced suri, so we decided to substitute Abby and Daffy for Gillian and Lara.

The time is 9am-9pm tomorrow. Hope to see oyu guys there!



Alpaca Farm Days... UPDATE!!!

Hey guys,

Okay, we will be at the State Fair from 10am-6pm on Saturday, for National Alpaca Farm Days. We will be bringing three of our young boys, Billy, Indy and Artie. We will be having a setup for our farm (CinemaPacas), which will be featuring movie-themed memorabilia! :) I hope that you guys enjoy viewing it. We still have a few touch-ups to make before it is finished, but we think that it will look satisfactory. We have rough-draft for our logo, that we will be using at the State Fair, and I hope everyone enjoys it as well.

On Tuesday the 29th, we will also be there, with a setup, and three girls this time. Nala, Lara and Gillian will be the lovely ladies who accompany us that day. We will be there for the Old McDonald Barn. The hours for that will be 9am-9pm.

I hope that my information has been helpful to you all, and I hope most dearly to see some of you guys there! Enjoy, and take care!



Alpaca Farm Days

Howdy, All!

Hey, guys, I realize that it has been quite a while since I last wrote a blog. I apologize, but, things have been kinda busy around here (not in the sense of exicting things on the farm, with the animals or anything... :P), and such, and I really haven't thought much about the Local Harvest page, but I did think about it tonight, and I have an announcement to make...

Next weekend is National Alpaca Farm Days (Sept. 26-27), and this year, we (me, Mama and three of our young boys, Billy, Indy, and Artie) will be going to the Virgina State Fair. The new fairgrounds are by Kings Dominion, just off Hwy 30.

We will be setting up a booth, and we will have a pen with our three boys in it.

I will keep all of you updated this week, and let you know where the set up for alpacas will be (if I find out before next Saturday).

Take care, everyone, and I hope that we will see you there!



To King Accoyo Rex... R.I.P.

Hello everyone,

Today is a sad day for us. Rex, our full Accoyo herdsire passed away earlier this evening. I was checking on the boys, and he was under the tent, and unmoving.

He was buried a little over an hour ago by a friend of ours down the road. Rex was very special to me, and I will miss him terribly.

I hope all is well with all of you.



Asia's Baby is FINALLY HERE!!!

Hey all,

Asia had a beautiful baby boy at approximately 12:50p.m. this afternoon! He is out of Chico, and already has great luster, and is well structured. Asia is a maiden female, but has taken to being a mother like a natural! I am very proud of her. She, thankfully, has enough milk, and her breathing is no longer labored and she only snorts every so often.

The cria is white and beige (I think), and is most likely going to be a multi. VERY exciting!

Abby is doing well, and I hope she is going to get along with Asia and her baby ;) She's growing like a weed (in actuality, she is almost as big as Jack, who is over six months in age!), and is a very pretty girl.

Well, that's it for now. I've got 40+ impatient boys and girls waiting for their afternoon showers!!! :D




Hey all,

I realize that I haven't written in a while. I apologise. We've been busy the past few days. Last night, Papa and I got home from AOBA. We spent the day handing out fliers to Suri Breeders, with a list of 17 animals. In that list we have 10 girls (Mirage, Alexis, Asia, Marion, Spice, Buttercup, Grace, Wolfberry, Jamocha and Nala) and 7 boys (Vader, Bahgeera's 2nd half interest, Chico, Dash, Quest, Buster and Charlie). Our lowest is $5k, and the highest $12k. We have them priced low, in accordance with this current market.

We talked to some people, and I think we gave out about a hundred fliers (placed them at setups, and gave them to the breeders we were able to converse with). Hopefully the 8-hour drive won't have been in vain... :D

I see that I still haven't gotten up any pictures of the shorn guys and gals. I'll get to working on that this week :)

Well, that's it for now. I'll post another blog soon. Maybe tomorrow we'll have some cria born....




Hey all,

Well, shearing went off without a hitch. They look so much happier. They got a great shearing job this year. It's sad to see some of the babies without their fiber, but what really matters is their health and comfort. Everyone was calmer this year, and I have a feeling that it is due to the fact that they know us better now, and trust us more.

I will get a picture up as soon as possible!

--Maija =)


Herd Update

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow evening we start shearing. We will be shearing all of the boys, and a few girls who are heavy in fiber.

Guys and gals to be shorn tomorrow night:

  1. Dash
  2. Quest
  3. Rex
  4. Chico
  5. White Star (He's one of our two huacaya geldings, I don't know if I mentioned, but we have only two huacayas, the rest are Suri. Our other huacaya is Lightning.)
  6. Indy
  7. Jack
  8. Asia
  9. Max
  10. Buttercup
  11. Spice
  12. Billy
  13. Patriot
  14. Buster
  15. Silver
  16. Marion
  17. Charlie
  18. Artie
  19. Lightning
  20. Vader
  21. Jett

By the way, I am not just putting them down in random order, but rather lightest to darkest animals. The first five are whites, and the last five are true and bay blacks, and the ones in between are light and dark multis, fawns and browns.

Here's the list of the rest of the girls we will be shearing on Wednesday:

  1. Allegria
  2. Avery
  3. Misti
  4. Olympia Gold
  5. Peaches
  6. Gracie
  7. Goldie
  8. Tiffany
  9. Daffodil
  10. Nala
  11. Daisy
  12. Wolfberry
  13. Beauty
  14. Sassy
  15. Mirage
  16. J.J.
  17. Alexis
  18. Eve
  19. Gillian
  20. Kate
  21. Lara
  22. Jamocha
  23. Pixie
  24. Vanna

The same is with these, as with the last (light to dark). I will see if I can get a shorn picture up of our girls. It might have to be the main picture if I'm not able to get the blog pictures to work!

Well, that's it for now I think. I'll update you all again soon!



Asia... Maybe Tomorrow?

(Morning Post):

Hey guys,

Today I went outside to let the girls out, and Asia began humming. She is one of our maidens, and she very rarely hums. She is very uncomfortable, and keeps throwing me half worried, half annoyed looks at me. I would say, "Hey! It's not my fault," granted she could understand, but that's out of the question. Even if she could understand me, I doubt very seriously that she would believe me...

She is bred to one of our boys, Chico, and is miserable. I that she was already shorn, but she is more that happy to get hosed down twice a day, and the fans are a bonus, too. She has been in a lot today, but is now grazing. I'm sure she'll soon be in again, cushed in front of a fan, her head either in a water bucket, or munching away happily on some hay. We have (affectionately, of course) nicknamed her "the Mac-truck," because her belly is so large, especially for a maiden.

I hope that she has her baby soon, and that she won't get too stressed (Asia's mother, Allegria, is high-strung, and thus, she is as well). I will keep you guys posted!


(Evening Post):

Hi again,

Well, she didn't have her baby today, but I've got her and a few others (namely Beauty, who has had three babies, and Sassy, who is a maiden like Asia) on "cria watch." I'll keep you up-to-date.

--Maija =)


Pictures Can Be Such TROUBLESOME Things...

Hey guys,

It's me, Maija, again. :) Unfortunately, this was the only picture I could figure out how to upload of Abby... This was taken on my phone on the day she was born. I haven't been able to upload any other pictures on here, which really stinks but, oh well. I hope that Abby's cute face makes up for my messy hair! :P



Getting to Know the Alpaca Herd, and the Other Farm Inhabitants

Hey guys, it's me, Maija. I work with my mom and dad on the farm. I'm in charge of keeping the blog up to date. I'm 14, and will be 15 in July. Now, just because I'm a teenager, don't think that I am a "blog expert." This is, actually my first blog.

But, anyways, I want you to get to know our guys and gals. We have 48 total, but 46 currently on-farm. Our two off-farm are our co-owned herdsires (Bagheera of AOA, and Buggati of PVA). We have 29 girls, one of them a brand-new cria, born the day after Mother's Day. Her name is Abby (named for Abigail Adams; her registered name will be CinemaPacas 1776), out of my first alpaca, Great Oaks Peruvian Patriot, and one of our females Daffodil.

Now, here's a list of our girls with call names and registered names:

  1. Abby (CinemaPacas 1776)
  2. Alexis (Black Vigor's Alexis)
  3. Allegria (BAA Allegria)
  4. Asia (CinemaPacas Asia)
  5. Avery (Ameripaca's Avery)
  6. Beauty (Chasqui's American Beauty)
  7. Buttercup (CinemaPacas Princess Bride)
  8. Daffodil (Daffodil)
  9. Daisy (Great Oaks Daisy Duke)
  10. Eve (Sega's Eve)
  11. Gillian (CinemaPacas Practical Magic)
  12. Goldie (USA Goldilocks)
  13. Gracie (Great Oaks Full of Grace)
  14. Jamocha (WRSR Peruvian Cafe Jamocha)
  15. J.J. (Great Oaks Peruvian Jesse Jane)
  16. Kate (Chiati Kate)
  17. Lara (CinemaPacas Tomb Raider)
  18. Marion (CinemaPacas Maiden Marion)
  19. Misti (Great Oaks Peruvian Accoyo Misti)
  20. Mirage (AIA Mirage)
  21. Nala (CinemaPacas The Circle of Life)
  22. Olympia Gold (Great Oaks Peruvian Olympia Gold)
  23. Peaches (Great Oaks Peruvian Accoyo Peaches)
  24. Pixie (Ameripaca's Pixie)
  25. Sassy (CinemaPacas Material Girl)
  26. Spice (CinemaPacas No Reservations)
  27. Tiffany (CinemaPacas Breakfast at Tiffany's)
  28. Vanna (Savannah of Bolivia)
  29. Wolfberry (Wolfberry NT2013 TBS)

Now, that's all of our ladies. So, if I mention a name, you will know I'm talking about one of the alpacas. Next is our shorter list, the list of 19 boys:

  1. Artie (CinemaPacas Arthur Pendragon)
  2. Bagheera (Bagheera of AOA)
  3. Billy (CinemaPacas Young Guns)
  4. Buggati (Buggati of PVA)
  5. Buster (CinemaPacas Show Boat)
  6. Charlie (CinemaPacas Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
  7. Chico (Buggati's Primo Chico)
  8. Dash (CinemaPacas Mr. Incredible)
  9. Indy (CinemaPacas Indiana Jones)
  10. Jack (CinemaPacas Jack Sparrow)
  11. Jett (CinemaPacas Top Gun)
  12. Lightning--not registered
  13. Max (Great Oaks Accoyo Maximus)
  14. Patriot (Great Oaks Peruvian Patriot)
  15. Quest (CinemaPacas Quest for Camalot)
  16. Rex (Great Oaks King Accoyo Rex)
  17. Silver (Gunsmoke's Silver Renegade)
  18. Vader (Ameripaca's Vader)
  19. White Star--not registered

Well, that is everyone. We also have 10 dogs (not including our two litters of 4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies), 8 cats (not including the 2 that have "claimed" our house), 5 birds, and 2 goats. The goats (named Eric and Reilly) are our two trouble makers. Eric is sweet, but Reilly causes all of the trouble, like getting out of every pen I put him in and trying to steal all of the food.

That's it for now. I will post again soon, and I will try to figure out how to get pictures uploaded on here. =)


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