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Summer 11 - take 1 - and action!

 It has been a while since my last entry, but this is a busy time of year at the farm.  After a sleepy winter and a great sugaring season, the spring ritual of cleaning and prepping the gardens has taken up a lot of time, albeit very enjoyable. 

We all know that when the sun opens up the soil and the threat of frost is reduced to the not-so-likely zone, it becomes a race to get the mulch delivered and cut and compost the dried remnants of last year’s flowers, stalks and ferns.  Timing the purchasing of our plants before the crowds have taken all the best and get them in the garden ASAP.  Oh, and start the meat and egg laying flocks for the summer.  Whew, and that’s a wrap.  Now, time to take a moment: Take in all your hard work and give nature a chance to pull the rope for a while.

Today, I think I will do just that.  The sun is out, a light summer breeze is dancing with the grasses in the field and I can’t help but think of the Tuscany region of Italy.  So I think today will be our first picnic of the season.  We have some roasted chicken, we can make some quick slaw from savoy cabbage and I think a bright citrus sauvignon blanc will round it off nicely.  I enjoy picking a spot on the farm that offers a view not often taken to add a new perspective.  

How about you do the same with your family and a few friends?

You deserve it.

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