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Celebrate the first treasures of the garden

I had been away for the last week and couldn’t wait to check the garden to see how it had been doing in my absence.  As is always a concern when I am away: did we have enough rain, deer browsing and other critters sampling my work?   I was pleasantly surprised to find minimal browsing and adequate rain left my efforts bounding in growth and the first flowers from the zucchini and yellow squash.  I was only able to wait 24 hours before I took the first finger length squash with their blossoms attached.  I can hear many of you thinking “ blossoms attached “? That’s right -- attached. The blossoms are edible, and when stuffed gently with a herbed ricotta cheese they jump from delicious to incredible.

When you pick the squash, be very gentle with the flower, as they break away with little effort.  When you get them back to your kitchen, carefully open the flower and remove the pistil and stamen, as they do not taste good.  They are shown in the foreground of the photo.  Rinse the squash and place them in cold water so they stay fresh while you add your herb to the ricotta.  Tonight I think basil & chive will do nicely when sautéed in a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Bon appetite!



Cooking tip: After mixing in your herbs, ricotta, pepper, shape them into table-spoon footballs and chill them in fridge or briefly in the freezer.  This will ensure the cheese will be ready when the veggie is done. Just prior to cooking, place the cheese into the blossom and twist the end of the flower to hold in the cheese. 

Use your imagination for the next meal of squash blossoms and get out there and enjoy your garden and kitchen!

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