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When Does The Harvest End?

When Does the Harvest End ?


It is so exciting for me to think that on December 16th  I was able to harvest potatoes and rutabaga from our garden.

It started with creating our menu for Christmas dinner and wanting to incorporate something from our own land into the feast.  All of my friends had put their gardens to bed for the winter by the end of November and put up the last of their seasons harvest into their cold cellar or in jars.  I would normally have followed their lead, but I have been spending much of my free time in the pursuit of our local deer harvest, check out my blog, “ Holistic approach to living off our land “.

So we will enjoy on Christmas day a mixture of purple, red skinned and yukon gold potatoes with butter and parsley along with a big family size bowl of frost sweetened rutabaga seasoned with butter, salt and pepper.  A nice addition to the rest of the meal offerings.  Yum! 

The great thing about having a home garden?  Their is always something new to learn and experience.  For those of you who have not yet considered growing potatoes or rutabaga, plan a spot in the garden for them next year.  They are fun to grow, a treat to eat, and from your own hands to your own table.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

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