Bluegrass Farmers Market

  (Lexington, Kentucky)
Nothing but 100% Homegrown or Produced at our market!
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Tuesday at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market!


Mother Nature is going to be very nice to our Tuesday farmers! Why not plan on stopping by our market on your way home from work or maybe a quick break during your shopping day. No reason to buy grocery store veggies when you can get all local homegrown goodness right here in Lexington...guaranteed!

Our farmers will be bringing crisp cucumbers, both pickling and slicing varieties. Look for freshly dug potatoes and I'm not talking your plain old taters! You'll be able to pick up some Yukon Gold, Wisconsin Superior, Red Norland and purple new potatoes. By the way, the Yukon Gold makes the very best mashed potatoes and the Wisconsin Superior was indeed superior when it came to fried taters! And, don't forget another “good for you” root vegetables like beets, carrots and turnips! The zucchini and yellow squash cannot be beat! Try quartering the zucchini, giving it an egg wash and then a dunk in some seasoned flour and breadcrumbs...just pan fry and you'll have a crispy delight!

Want to add some “green” to your diet? Try the wonderful Swiss chard or kale. And, you can't have a picnic without some cole slaw made with wonderful homegrown cabbage! Try something a bit different and fry up some okra, it's a true Southern delight!

If your sweet tooth needs a fix, try some of the blue ribbon winning strawberry jam cake! Not to mention the great jams and jellies made with our farmers own fruits like blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, 3 berry mix, strawberry and rhubarb and even sugar free varieties!

Don't forget to decorate you home with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers including zinnias, snapdragons and lisianthus. You might even add a cheerful summertime favorite...sunflowers! If you want to beautify your outdoors this summer with something you can actually cook with, try a hanging basket full of herbs! Or a planter loaded with herbs and flowers. Want a hanging basket that will brighten your deck or porch? Look for floral hanging baskets ON SALE! Just 2 for $10! Summer brightness just doesn't come any better than that!

Our farmers work hard to provide you with the freshest and the best that the area has to offer. We're a till'n, sow'n, hoe'n, weed'n, harvest'n bunch for sure! And, in our off hours (that's a laugh) we manage to find time to bake, blend and create goodies from our farms! We sure hope you enjoy our efforts because that's what brings the smiles to our faces. :)

Our Tuesday market hours are 3 until 6:30 and you can find us in the tree lined parking lot of Fast Signs and Pedal the Planet. Not sure where that is located? It's right next to the Glenn Auto Mall on Richmond Rd. just outside of Man'O War Blvd.

Remember, all of our offerings come from Kentucky

and we are 100% certified Kentucky Proud!

NO reselling allowed at our market...ever!!!

We are truly a market for farmers!

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We'll all be winners!!!

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