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Nothing but 100% Homegrown or Produced at our market!
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August is almost here and we're loaded with goodies!


Saturday is almost here and from what I have seen, the Bluegrass Farmers' Market will be loaded with homegrown goodness once again! And, in case you didn't know, there is a difference between “local” and “homegrown!” The word “local” means that the product was grown or produced in any certain area. “Homegrown” means that the actual farmer grew it! That's what makes the Bluegrass Farmers' Market different from other markets in the area...we're 100% homegrown or produced! We do it all, we don't buy anything to resell even it if is from our local area. When you buy something from one of our farmers you will know that you are supporting the actual farmer and his or her family! We love that aspect of our market and we're so glad that our customers do to!

So, what homegrown or home produced goodness will you find at the market this week? It's a long list so hang on and be prepared to enjoy the ride! lol

Tomatoes, red, green and heirlooms too!

Corn, yellow and bi-colored!

Green Beans, Romas, Tenderettes, Wax, etc.!

Squash, Cousa, Magda, Zucchini, Yellow, Patty Pan, etc.!

Potatoes, red and white and even some new taters!

Onions, Candy, yellow and red or purple...whatever you choose to call them!


Cucumbers, both slicing and pickling!

Peppers, hot, mild, green, red and yellow!


Herbs, fresh cut and dried!

Flowers, fresh cut and growing in baskets and pots!

Homebaked goodies galore including breads, cookies and cakes!

Hand blended herb seasoning!


Homemade soaps!

Jams, jellies and butters!

Farm fresh eggs!

ASH free beef!

Amish cheese!

And, so much more!!!

Hope you all noticed the use of the “!!!!”'s the excitement coming out in me!

Our farmers and producers are here to make your farmers market shopping day one to remember. We know what we grow and produce and we're here to assist you in any way that we can with preparation and storage. In other words, get it first hand from the actual farmer!!! And. By the all comes with a smile! :)

Bluegrass Farmers' Market hours

Tuesday 3-6:30

Thursday 4-6:30

Saturday 9-2


Tuesday and Saturday at 3450 Richmond Rd. in the tree lined parking lot of Fast Signs and Pedal the Planet, next to the Glenn Auto Mall, just outside of Man 'O War.

Thursday at the Fayette County Health Department on Newtown Pike.

Parking is always free and just steps away from the market! We pride ourselves on being stroller and wheelchair friendly and your four-legged friends are always welcome!

As a side note, all of our members farms are inspected prior to being admitted to the market...we make darn sure they are 100% homegrown or produced before we allow anyone to join and sell to you. We also make sure that each member is 100% certified Kentucky Proud and we're darn sure proud of that!

Hope to see you at the market this week...we'll be smiling and we hope you will be too!


Tuesday at the BGFM!

Before I tell you what will be available at the market today I just have to let you know how much fun everyone at at Saturday's Customer Appreciation Day! Our thanks to “GrillMan Drew” of Caros restaurant for showing us yet another way to cook up the market bounty. Folks enjoyed watching and then sampling his veggie saute' using market corn, tomatoes, squash, onions, peppers and anything else that he could find to chop and put in his skillet! Our customers also enjoyed the possibility of winning Market $$$ as they stuck their hand into the jug and hopefully pulled out a winner! And, our thanks to the farmers who had individual drawings at their booths. Folks won beeswax candles, flowers, hanging baskets, herb seasoning gift baskets and veggies galore!

Now, for what will be available at the market today. Please remember that everything that you find is homegrown by our farmers and each and every one of them are certified Kentucky Proud, something that most markets can't say! We are Lexington's only 100% homegrown/produced market!

Look for...


Green beans

Cousa, Magda, Patty Pan and Yellow squash




Pepper, hot and mild

Fresh cut herbs





Jams and jellies

Homebaked goodies

and maybe even some freshly harvested Corn!

Our farmers will be set up at 3450 Richmond Rd. in the tree lined parking lot of Pedal the Planet and Fast Signs, right next to the Glenn Auto Mall from 3 until 6:30 today. And, don't forget that you can also find farmers each Thursday from 4 until 6 at the Fayette County Health Department parking lot on Newtown Pike!

Once again, we thank you for your support of local farmers who really do grow for you!


Saturday Is The Day!!!!

   It's Customer Appreciation Day at the

 Bluegrass Farmers' Market!

Cooking Demonstration

By “GrillMan” Drew of Caros Restaurant!

He'll be creating a dish using market veggies

and, he'll be sharing it with everyone!

Chance To Win


Yup, $$$ you can spend at the market!

Fun and Fabulous Prizes at Various Booths!


Even Treats For Your Four-Legged friends!

~~~***~~~ FUN, FUN, FUN ~~~***~~~

And, You All Are Invited!

WHEN: 9am until 2pm, Saturday, July 25th

WHERE: At the Bluegrass Farmers' Market

3450 Richmond Rd.

In the parking lot of Pedal the Planet and

Fast Signs, next to the Glenn Auto Mall

WHY: Because we want to show our appreciation for the

support you have given to our farmers!

Our farmers will be set up selling their wonderful 100% homegrown goodies

and enjoying the day right along with you!

Look for...

























The Best Part...It's all homegrown or produced by our farmers!

100% guaranteed!

And, every farmer is certified KENTUCKY PROUD!

Hope to see you all on Saturday at Lexington's only 100% homegrown market!



I love farmers!

And, not just because they grow the most wonderful fruits and veggies...but because they are also some of the kindest folks that I know!

About an hour before closing time at the Saturday market, we noticed a vehicle across the street from the market. The hood was up and a man and a woman were trying to get their car up and running again. We saw the fellow cross the 6 lanes of road and walk over to the auto supply store nearby. The lady stayed with the car. We then saw him walk back empty handed and she just shook her head. They crossed the road again and stopped by our market to ask if any of us knew of another auto supply store in the area. Well, farmers are resourceful at all times and of course one of them had a phone book handy! After a few phone calls, using a farmers cell phone, we discovered a place that had the part that they needed. Only problem was it wasn't within walking distance! Never fear, a farmer came to the rescue and drove them to pick up the part even though the farmer was pooped from a long day of early harvesting and selling all day. The car was repaired and the couple headed off to visit a sick relative in the hospital. Yes, farmers grow great things but they are also wonderful human beings!!! I'm so proud of my fellow farmers for jumping in and helping this stranded couple. Just had to pass that little story on to all of you because it's what our market is all about...people and how we can make their life a bit brighter!

Okay, time to let you know what wonderful goodies our great farmers will be bringing to the Tuesday market. :) Look for tomatoes, green beans, corn, onion, potatoes, peppers, okra, squash, cabbage, blackberries, fresh cut herbs, flowers, jams and jellies plus so much more. Remember that these are not your ordinary grocery store varieties...we're talk'in top of the line goodness here!

Mark your calendar!!!! This Saturday, July 25th is going to be a special day at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market! It's our Customer Appreciation Day and we'll be celebrating all day long. “GrillMan Drew” from Caros restaurant will be on hand to whip up a wonderful veggie dish that everyone can sample! Everyone will get the chance to possibly win some “market bucks” that you can spend on some homegrown goodness! Individual farmers will be giving you the chance to win all sorts of good things. And, we'll even have special treats for your four-legged pals! Even the kiddos will get to join in on the fun with special surprises! It's sure to be a fun day for all, so remember Saturday, July 25th at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market!

We'd like to thank everyone who has voted for our market and hope that if you haven't done so will! We know we're a bit smaller but we can guarantee that whatever you purchase from our members was grown, baked, made or produced on their Kentucky Proud farm! We're real farmers who work hard to bring you only the best and the freshest homegrown goodness available in the area! Here's where you can vote for the Bluegrass Farmers' Market.

P.S. Don't forget our newest market location at the Fayette County Health Department on Newtown Pike each Thursday from 4 until 6:30!

Market hours and location

Tuesday 3 – 6:30

Saturday 9 – 2

3450 Richmond Rd. in the parking lot of Pedal the Planet and Fast Signs.

It's right next door to the Glenn Auto Mall, just outside of Man 'O War!

Parking is very convenient and we're stroller and wheelchair friendly!





Saturday Means Homegrown at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market!


Okay, I am so excited about what our farmers will be bringing to the market this Saturday! It's kind of like an Oh My Gosh moment!!! We have been enjoying the bounty so far but it's always exciting to know that tomatoes, corn, peppers and green beans are finally in season in Kentucky and our 100% homegrown farmers will be bringing them to the market this week! Can I holler out a YIPPEE!!!

I know that I have been drooling for the taste of some real local goodies and I sure had my wish fulfilled last week. We enjoyed the bestest (not sure if that is a word but it fits) most unbelievable squash and cucumbers. The sweet corn was magnificent fried, the tomatoes sliced were to die for and the steamed potatoes tasted like heaven! Can you tell we like to eat fresh and local? :)

Oh, my...I almost forgot the scrumptious blackberries that we had for dessert! Here I go, drooling again just telling you about the wonderful items available at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market. I know it seems like you've had to wait for the homegrown goodness but it's worth it to know that you are purchasing “real” local food! We don't allow any items to be trucked in...our farmers have to grow or produce what they sell at our market. We do that because that's what we think a farmers market is all and family farms! We thank you all so much for understanding why we didn't have corn in May or tomatoes in April and we hope that you enjoyed what was in season like the lettuce, onions, potatoes and strawberries. We only sell what is in season in our beautiful Bluegrass state!

Here I am going off again and getting excited without telling you what other wonderful things you'll be able to find. Sorry, but I can't help myself! Here's a list of some of the goodies that will be available this week...



Green beans









And, don't think that any of these are your average grocery store varieties...our farmers spend many hours researching what will in grow our Kentucky climate and soil and bring only the best to our market. You'll find specialty varieties along with good old fashioned favorites! And, if you have any questions, feel free to ask the farmer that grew that item...they really know about it because they sowed, hoed and harvested their own crop!

Many of us also spend time in our kitchens whipping up great jams, jellies, breads and cakes too! We'll even have herb seasoning, eggs, cheese and homemade soaps!!! Some of us love being able to grow and harvest fresh flowers like zinnias and sunflowers and others love creating beautiful hanging herb and floral baskets. We're a diverse bunch of farmers but we are darn sure proud of what we bring to the market market each week because we know that you will appreciate our efforts and that's what makes our hard work worthwhile!

Come visit us this Saturday at 3450 Richmond Rd. in the Fast Sign and Pedal the Planet tree lined parking lot. It's right next door to the Glenn Auto Mall just outside Man 'O War Blvd. We'll be there from 9 until 2 and smiles will be plentiful! :) Parking is always convenient and we pride ourselves on being wheelchair and stroller friendly!

The folks from ChiroOne Wellness Center will be visiting with us this Saturday, so stop by and find why you have that “crick” in your neck or that ache in your back!

By the way, don't forget our Thursday market at the Fayette County Health Department on Newtown Pike! Select farmers will be there from 4 until 6:30 so it's perfect for after work shopping!

Just want to give you a heads up about an upcoming's going to be Customer Appreciation Day soon!!!! Stay tuned for more details.

Hope to see you all at the only place in town to buy 100% guaranteed homegrown or produced farmers market goodies! And, each of our farmers are individually certified Kentucky Proud or they don't sell at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market! That makes us truly Kentucky Proud!!!

Don't forget to cast your vote for Lexington's only 100% homegrown/produced farmers market. It's a great way to show your support for our hardworking farmers and their families.




Tuesday at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market!

Can't wait until Saturday for some fresh veggies and other market goodies? Well then, our Tuesday market is the perfect answer!

Our farmers will be harvesting their farm fresh cucumbers, onions, squash, green beans, corn, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, potatoes and much more to bring to the Tuesday Bluegrass Farmers' Market this week.

Plus, don't forget some beautiful flowers to adorn your table! Who can resist the bright colors of zinnias!

Our 100% homegrown/produced farmers market is really growing as the season progresses!

Hope to see you on Tuesday at 3450 Richmond Rd. We're in the tree lined parking lot of Pedal the Planet and Fast Signs, right next to the Glenn Auto Mall. And, we'll be there from 3 until 6:30!

BREAKING NEWS!!! You can now find a few of our farmers each Thursday at the Lexington Health Department on Newtown Pike from 4 until 6!

Don't forget to cast your vote for Lexington's only 100% homegrown or produced market...we are truly a farmers market!!!





Saturday's Summer Season Stuff at the BLUEGRASS FARMERS' MARKET!

Farmers and market are two words that just go together. Those two simple words let you know that farmers have been hard at work to provide freshly harvested items to sell at a market. We're lucky enough to have Lexington's only 100% homegrown or produced market! That means that those two words stand true...the Bluegrass Farmers' Market is just that, a market made up of farmers! And, we're darn proud of the fact then when a customer comes to our market, we know they'll be taking home only items that our farmers have grown, baked, created or made. No reselling allowed at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market so you can be assured that you are truly supporting a farmer when you shop with us!

Now, the best part of a true farmers market is the anticipation of seeing those red ripe tomatoes, sweet corn, crisp green beans, crunchy cucumbers, freshly dug potatoes and just picked squash arrive at the market. Guess what? They're here!!! Yup, you'll be able to find both red and green tomatoes, candy onions, sweet bi-color corn, tenderette, half runner and roma beans. Don't forget the not your average potatoes like Red Norland, Wisconsin Superior, Kennebec, Yukon Gold and even some wonderful red new potatoes! If it's squash that you are looking for, have we ever got it! Look for varieties like Cousa, Zephyr, Patty Pan and Magda along with tender zucchini.

Geez, I feel like I could go on and on telling you about all of the wonderful items available this I guess I'll just do that! Peppers of all sorts, big bell peppers perfect for stuffing, hot Hungarian, Jalapenos, wax peppers, Cayenne, sweet Banana and even some Serrano chiles! If you're looking for crisp cucumbers for that salad we'll have them too and even pickling ones for those of you who want to create in your own kitchen. Blueberries, blackberries, okra, shallots, fresh garlic, cut herbs, cabbage, green onions, kale and Swiss chard are just a few more of the wonderful offerings that our farmers will be bringing to the market this Saturday.

Don't forget the other things that our farmers and herbs! Look for beautiful floral and herb hanging baskets, potted flowers and herbs, colorful lilies and even some tropicals like banana trees! Want something bright inside your home than look for fresh cut flowers like Lisianthus, Zinnia and sunflowers!

Then we have our creative farmers who find the time to spend in the kitchen! Jams and jellies galore! Enjoy grape, blackberry, blueberry, mixed berry, award winning strawberry and even some hot pepper jelly and apple butter! Our farmers are bakers too! Jam cakes, pumpkin cookies, chocolate zucchini loaf, pumpkin pecan and zucchini pecan breads too! Season the available ASH free beef with some hand blended herb seasoning. And, don't forget the Amish cheese, honey and farm fresh eggs!

Whew, another long list of goodies that will be available this Saturday at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market! Come visit our smiling farmers at 3450 Richmond Rd. We're located in the beautiful tree lined parking lot of Fast Signs and Pedal the Planet, right next to the Glenn Auto Mall. We'll be there from 9 until 2 and please, bring the children and your four-footed friends...we're stroller friendly! Parking is right at the market so it makes it very wheelchair friendly too.

Last, but certainly not the least...we need your help! Our gracious hosts for this blog, Local Harvest, and Care2 are having a contest where folks can vote for their favorite farmers market. We hope that you think the Bluegrass Farmers' Market is the very best and would appreciate your vote. We can win some $$$ and you might even win a market tote by casting your vote. We could all be winners with your help!





Tuesday, July 7th at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market


It's summer and you sure can tell by the variety of items available at our 100% homegrown market! We know that folks have been looking for corn and tomatoes in the last few weeks but we stick with our rules and do not allow any reselling! If you buy it at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market you know that it was homegrown by one of our members and that you are truly helping a local farmer!

And, guess what? The corn and tomatoes are in season in Kentucky!!! Yup, we have them available at the market along with other homegrown offerings such as peppers, green beans, okra, onions, potatoes, cabbage, shallots, cucumbers, blackberries, blueberries, Swiss chard, kale, zucchini and squash!

Let me tell you a bit about the potatoes available because these are not your average taters! You'll find new potatoes as well as special varieties such as Red Norland, Yukon Gold and Wisconsin Superior! And, the available squash isn't something that you can buy at the local grocery store either! We'll have Cousa, Magda, Zephyr, Patty Pan and mixed at the market this week. You'll also find good old fashioned yellow and zucchini too!

Not to sure about the bell green peppers at the Tuesday market but you'll find be able to purchase all sorts of cayenne and other hot and sweet peppers! Hopefully the bell peppers will be ready to harvest by the time the Saturday market rolls around.

Some added extra attractions are...fresh cut herbs, beautiful cut flowers like zinnias, sunflowers and lisianthus, homebaked goodies including zucchini breads, cakes and cookies and even strawberry jam cakes! Please, do not forget the wonderful jams and jellies...they are to die for! I'm talking strawberry, grape, blueberry, strawberry and rhubarb, 3 berry blend, blackberry, apple butter and even some hot pepper jam!

Yup, summertime has come to the Bluegrass Farmers' Market! We have just about everything that July has to offer in Kentucky! It's so nice to know that our market offers only 100% homegrown items and that by purchasing them, you are helping to keep our farms alive! We thank you for that because we are doing what we love...farming!

Visit us this Tuesday from 3 until 6:30. We're located in the beautiful tree lined parking lot of Fast Signs and Pedal the Planet at 3450 Richmond Rd. It's right next door to the Glenn Auto Mall and only a one third of a mile outside of Man 'O War Blvd. Parking is soooooo convenient and we're wheelchair and stroller friendly too!

If you can't make it on Tuesday, don't forget that we are also open on Saturday from 9 until2! And, starting this Thursday you'll be able to find some of our farmers set up in the parking lot of the Lexington Health Department on Newtown Pike. They'll be there from 4 until 6:30. Just look for the signs.

Remember, all of our offerings come from our Kentucky farms

and we are 100% certified Kentucky Proud!

NO reselling allowed at our market...ever!!!

We are truly a market for farmers!

Hey, please show your appreciation for our hard work by voting for the Bluegrass Farmers' Market at

We'll all be winners!!!


July 4th at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market!


As we approach the 4th of July holiday weekend, I can't think of a better way to celebrate our Independence Day than to shop at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market. Where would our great nation be without farmers who provide the food that we eat! It's a great day to come support the men and women who work endlessly in our soil to make sure that we have the freshest and the best available for our families.

Our farmers will be celebrating the 4th by bringing their bounties to the market this Saturday so that you can enjoy them too! Look for tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, green beans, zucchini, beets, squash, okra, turnips, greens, carrots, cabbage and so much more. And, don't think just plain old taters and squash! Our farmers work hard to provide you with special varieties such as Cousa, Zephyr and Patty Pan squash and Kennebec, Wisconsin Superior, Red Norland and Yukon Gold potatoes to name a few. Don't forget the wonderful ASH free beef , honey and the farm fresh eggs along with the Amish cheese!

If you're craving something sweet think about the fresh blueberries or the wonderful jams and jellies. We'll have many varieties available such as grape, blueberry, blue ribbon winning strawberry, mixed berry, strawberry and rhubarb, blackberry, spice tomato jams and even apple butter and some sugar free ones too! Did I mention sweet? How about sweet and good for you at the same time, like pumpkin or zucchini bread, chocolate breads, jam cakes, cookies and even sugar free zucchini bread!

You can also decorate your 4th of July table with a bouquet of beautiful fresh cut lisianthus, zinnias, snapdragons or even the all American favorite, sunflowers! If you'd like something a bit more long lasting, how about a hanging basket full of flowers or herbs, potted lilies or tropicals like a banana tree.

And, to help you with those holiday bbq plans, why not try some hand blended herb seasoning! Or maybe some fresh cut herbs like basil or mint. Then finish the day off with a nice hot bath using some of the wonderful homemade soaps available. These are you average store bought soaps either! Look for soaps made with goat's milk, honey, shea butter and pure glycerin!

Bet this all sounds wonderful but we're not finished yet! Some of our farmers are having a holiday SALE! Floral hanging baskets are 2 for $10! Select one ounce herb seasoning is 2 for $5! And, the ground beef and cube steaks are on sale too! Ya can't get better than that...a farmers market that is having a sale !

We hope to see you this Saturday at the BLUEGRASS FARMERS' MARKET!  We'll be there from 9 until 2!

We're located in the beautiful tree lined parking lot of Fast Signs and Pedal the Plant, just next to the Glenn Auto Mall at 3450 Richmond Rd. It's just a short way outside of Man 'O War Blvd. Parking is right there at the market so no need to walk far.  We're also very stroller and wheelchair friendly! Heck, we love to see your four-legged pals too!

Remember, all of our offerings come from our Kentucky farms

and we are 100% certified Kentucky Proud!

NO reselling allowed at our market...ever!!!

We are truly a market for farmers!

Hey, please show your appreciation for our hard work by voting for the Bluegrass Farmers' Market at

We'll all be winners!!!

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