Bluegrass Farmers Market

  (Lexington, Kentucky)
Nothing but 100% Homegrown or Produced at our market!
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Wow, what a surprise today!


I realize that the activities downtown for the 4th of July brought many customers that we normally would not have seen at our Bluegrass Farmers' Market and we are all very appreciative that you decided to come visit our small, friendly and 100% homegrown/produced market. It was so nice to see many friends that most of us hadn't seen for awhile. And, we hope that now that you know where we are, that you will visit again.

The Bluegrass Farmers' Market is not like the Lexington Farmers' Market and we make no excuses for that nor we do aspire to be like them. We are not exactly what you would call a “gathering” place....but we are a great place to meet your friends and shop! We don't have all of the fancy stuff, the musicians (although a few of us have been known to bust out in song a few times) and plenty of prepared food to enjoy. We want you to take our local and seasonal bounty and discover how good it really is! We are just a group of honest, hard working farmers and producers who gathered because we felt like a farmers market should be just that...made up of real farmers, not a mix of people who buy, resell and only some actual farmers. Our rules are very strict and believe me, we make sure everyone abides by them! We want our customers to know that when they walk up to a booth that they are talking to the person who grew, raised, baked or made everything that you see! Except for the few times when a farmer has another obligation and one of the other members brings his or her goodies to the market...we don't want our customers to miss out for even a day, so we help each other out. :)

We are working very hard to become “the” place to shop for honest to gosh local fare! We can guarantee it!

So, our thanks to all of you for joining us today and we hope to see you again. You are always most welcome to our little bit of what we think a true farmers market should, friendly faces and homegrown goodness!

By the way, next Saturday is our annual Customer Appreciation Day and we'll have bunches of goodies that our farmers and producers will giving ASH free beef, herb seasoning baskets, veggies galore, jams, honey, tropical plants, homemade soaps, flowers and even “market bucks” that you can spend anywhere in the market! Heck, even the kids get to enjoy our special day...make sure they get a sticker and create a market visor with their very own selection of fruits and veggies to decorate it!

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