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Bluegrass Farmers' Market...Good News, Bad News!

Just when you think everything is going along smoothly, something manages to go wrong. :(

First the good news...the Bluegrass Farmers' Market will once again return to the Pedal the Planet and Fast Signs location on Richmond Rd. for our 2012 season! Yippee!!! We'll see on April 14th! :)

Now for the bad news...the satellite market in MillPond Shopping Center is not going to happen this year. :( It seems that Kroger does not like sharing the parking lot with farmers who grow local, fresh fruits and vegetables. There is nothing we can do about it other than look for another location in the neighborhood. But, the Millpond farmers will be at our Richmond Rd. location until that you can still come visit your favorite farmers!

Someone asked me why they should shop at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market vs. the other market in town. My answer...they are both great markets, it just depends on what you are looking for. I decided that I can consider myself qualified to give my opinion on both markets seen as how I have been a vendor at both of them. Here's what I consider the pros and cons of each market...

Lexington Farmers Market


Loads of vendors!

Street musicians!

Plenty of prepared food available!

You can buy market tote bags, shirts, hats, etc!

At least 3 locations and 4 or more market days!

Festival atmosphere!

Smiling faces!


Not very good parking


Not wheelchair or stroller friendly at Saturday market

Bunches of dogs (although I never minded them)

Not guaranteed homegrown...reselling is allowed

Bluegrass Farmers' Market


Excellent (and free) parking!

Stroller and wheelchair friendly!


100% homegrown/produced items only!

Every farmer has been certified in GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) training as recommended under the Food Modernization Act...we've been doing it all along! :)

Each and every farmer is certified Kentucky Proud...not just the market as a whole!

Our farmers know what they sell because they grew, raised, made or baked it! No reselling allowed!

Two market days per week! Yes, we consider that a pro simply because a farmer needs to be working on the farm! Lol

Not many dogs, but the ones that visit are very welcome because we have plenty of walkway to share!

Free market totes, hats, etc. during customer appreciation events!

A true farmers market!

Smiling faces!


We don't have prepared food vendors

We're grower/producer only so we don't have 70 vendors

We do not have musicians but our farmers have been known to break out in song

So, as you can see...they are both great, it just depends on what you are looking for. Only you can decide if you want to shop at a true 100% guaranteed farmers market or at a festival type market. What the at both of them! :)

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