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The smiles a farmers market can bring to your face!

Every once in a while a very special day, or a special person really makes you feel like the hours you spend in a fields are well worth it. We had one of those days at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market today. We had a cookbook exchange. Really a simple way for our customers to clean out their book shelves and hopefully, a way to get the word out about our small, home grown market. It's tough when you are competing with a much larger market in the same town, even though they allow resellers. They do have corn and tomatoes in April and it's rough on us who work the soil!

Anyway, our cookbook exchange was a hit today! :)

But the best part of the day was when we were trying to give the remaining cookbooks away. We were all hot and tired and none of us wanted to cart that last batch home with us, so we said FREE, no exchange needed! I'm sure you'll all understand about the hauling home thing.

A gentleman ventured into the booth we had set up and I quickly told him to help himself to any of the cookbooks that interested him. I watched him peruse the selection and saw a gleam in his eye when he spotted an old and you could tell, much loved book. He quickly picked it up and offered to pay for it. I said no, and explained that I came with bunches of books and my husband said I could not return home with them! We both laughed and he went on to tell me that the book he picked up was the same one that his mother had used. She had passed away years ago and he never could find this particular cookbook in her home while he was cleaning it out. He had such fond memories of her vinegar taffy and pulled candy...he even knew the exact page to find the recipes! He went on to explain that his mom suffered from Alzheimer's and he was sure she probably had no idea what she had done with the cookbook. I told him that she gave it to me to give to him! We both smiled knowing it was a fib but I have to admit that it sure was a nice feeling for both of us.

I watched him clutch that precious book as he continued to shop at our little market and I smiled as I saw him load his homegrown goodness into his car...along with his precious possession!

Yes, there are days when you are so tired that you really don't want to venture to the market to set up and sell and then something like this happens and you realize that you are not just there to sell fruits and're there to make a difference in a life!

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