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Recipe Wednesday at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market!

Have to admit that Mother Nature has not been very kind this spring. What would normally be available at the market, like strawberries, are just not ready yet. So I decided to try posting about one of my favorites, which you can find at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market...rhubarb! Then it dawned on me that the only way I remember eating it was in the form of a pie...mixed with strawberries! So, I went on a search for some different uses for that wonderful stalk. WOW, did I ever find the mother lode!!! Rather than posting a few of their recipes, I am going to just provide the link to the website and let you all discover the many ways rhubarb can be used! I was amazed and hope that you will pardon my not posting a specific recipe this's worth a trip to this wonderful rhubarb website! :)


UPDATE...Clark Farm will have strawberries on Saturday!


What's happening Tuesday at the market!

What a beautiful day Saturday turned out to be. Mother Nature was very cooperative by holding off the rain until after the market and that meant that our shoppers could enjoy the sunshine as much as we did. Speaking of shoppers, it was wonderful to see so many new faces! I guess word is getting out that there is a market in town that guarantees 100% homegrown or produced items. It's hard to compete with other markets that have tomatoes, corn and melons available. But, we sure are glad that folks like the thought of going to a farmers market and finding items that the farmer actually grew, raised, baked or made and not stuff purchased at a terminal. It makes all of our hard work more enjoyable to see the smiles when they know we really did it ourselves!!! And, it makes the saying “buy local” all the more important.


Our Tuesday market is a bit small because many of our farmers have “real” jobs in order to support their love of farming. But I can tell you that the offerings that will be there are great. I know because our family enjoyed some of the asparagus last night for dinner and I swear, it's worth driving back into town to buy more! Something tells me that the new potatoes that I purchased on Saturday will be just as good with tonight's dinner. Might be another reason for me to drive into town cause there'll be plenty of them available on Tuesday too. Well, heck I might just as well plan on going to town on Tuesday to see my farmer friends because I missed out on the broccoli Saturday and I was assured that there will some on Tuesday. Probably ought to buy more sugar snap peas too because I haven't quite filled my freezer so that I can enjoy them all winter long. Oh, darn...I forgot about the wonderful strawberries and rhubarb! Sounds like I might be baking a pie when I get home. Now I know I'll be heading towards Lexington on Tuesday afternoon.


As you can see, there is still plenty of good stuff available at the Tuesday market. It runs from 3 until 6:30  and is located at 3450 Richmond Rd.  in the parking lot of Fast Signs and Pedal the Planet.  That's next to the Glenn Auto Mall just outside Man O'War.


This bit of good news just in...there will be heirloom tomato plants available too! And, maybe snow peas!


100% local and Kentucky Proud...that's us!


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