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Bluegrass Farmers' Market Last Day of 2012 Season!

This is it...Saturday will be the last market day of the 2012 season. It's always a bittersweet day. The fields are showing the signs of the season and growth has slowed down. The farmers are tired and looking forward to a wee bit of a that ever happens! Lol They will be spending the next few months ordering seed, getting the fields ready for spring planting and even planting fall crops like garlic. But the saddest part is not seeing the smiling faces that we all have become accustomed to on Saturday morning...our customers. :) We'll miss you, but we'll be back in April!

2012 was a great year for the Bluegrass Farmers' Market! We welcomed new farmers who brought a variety of new items to the market. We now have beer cheese, lamb, goat, rabbit, homemade pet treats, grape jelly and even more baked goodies! We opened the Willow Oak satellite location and the area customers loved it! We showed our appreciation to our customers by making sure that they had market tote bags to shop with...they were a big hit! Although we were not voted number one in Kentucky for the third year in a row, we did win our class! Thank you all for your votes! It's a very nice feeling to know that our customers went out of their way to show how much they appreciate our farmers. Heck, it makes our hard work worthwhile and it really makes us wish that it was April already! It'll be here soon...we promise!

Okay, enough about our wonderful season....we have our last Saturday market to talk about! The farmers will still have all sorts of goodies available. Maybe it's time to stock up on a few things!

Here's a bit of what you'll find on Saturday...
































Do not forget, FMNP vouchers are good until October 31st! This program is a great way for families to get the benefits of fresh, homegrown goodness at farmers markets. In case you did not realize this, each year the allotments are based on the previous years usage. So if you have a voucher, please use it so that we can continue to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy our bounty. We hope the seniors took advantage of the SFMNP...the vouchers expired on October 25th.


~*~ 2012 MARKET HOURS ~*~

3450 Richmond Rd.

Saturday 9 until 2 LAST DAY FOR THE 2012 SEASON

Tuesday 3 until 6 CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

We'll be set up in the beautiful tree lined parking lot of Pedal the Planet and Fast Signs, right next door to the Glenn Auto Mall on Richmond Rd. It's just a hop, skip and a jump outside of Man 'O War Blvd. Parking is right there so you don't have to drive around hunting for a spot to park. The parking lot is also paved and that makes it very stroller and wheelchair friendly!

Come visit us Saturday...

it's our last market day of the 2012 season!

730 Millpond Rd.

Saturday 9 until 2 or until sold out CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!

Thursday 3 until 6 CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

You can find us in the parking lot of the Willow Oak swimming pool off of Boston Rd. Free and convenient parking at all times!

We'd like to thank all of our customers for a great

2012 Willow Oak market season...

We hope to see you in April!


The Bluegrass Farmers' Market

is Lexington's largest

100% homegrown/produced farmers market!

And, each farmer is certified...



GAP Certified


We Accept


WIC & FMNP Cards!



August is almost here and we're loaded with goodies!


Saturday is almost here and from what I have seen, the Bluegrass Farmers' Market will be loaded with homegrown goodness once again! And, in case you didn't know, there is a difference between “local” and “homegrown!” The word “local” means that the product was grown or produced in any certain area. “Homegrown” means that the actual farmer grew it! That's what makes the Bluegrass Farmers' Market different from other markets in the area...we're 100% homegrown or produced! We do it all, we don't buy anything to resell even it if is from our local area. When you buy something from one of our farmers you will know that you are supporting the actual farmer and his or her family! We love that aspect of our market and we're so glad that our customers do to!

So, what homegrown or home produced goodness will you find at the market this week? It's a long list so hang on and be prepared to enjoy the ride! lol

Tomatoes, red, green and heirlooms too!

Corn, yellow and bi-colored!

Green Beans, Romas, Tenderettes, Wax, etc.!

Squash, Cousa, Magda, Zucchini, Yellow, Patty Pan, etc.!

Potatoes, red and white and even some new taters!

Onions, Candy, yellow and red or purple...whatever you choose to call them!


Cucumbers, both slicing and pickling!

Peppers, hot, mild, green, red and yellow!


Herbs, fresh cut and dried!

Flowers, fresh cut and growing in baskets and pots!

Homebaked goodies galore including breads, cookies and cakes!

Hand blended herb seasoning!


Homemade soaps!

Jams, jellies and butters!

Farm fresh eggs!

ASH free beef!

Amish cheese!

And, so much more!!!

Hope you all noticed the use of the “!!!!”'s the excitement coming out in me!

Our farmers and producers are here to make your farmers market shopping day one to remember. We know what we grow and produce and we're here to assist you in any way that we can with preparation and storage. In other words, get it first hand from the actual farmer!!! And. By the all comes with a smile! :)

Bluegrass Farmers' Market hours

Tuesday 3-6:30

Thursday 4-6:30

Saturday 9-2


Tuesday and Saturday at 3450 Richmond Rd. in the tree lined parking lot of Fast Signs and Pedal the Planet, next to the Glenn Auto Mall, just outside of Man 'O War.

Thursday at the Fayette County Health Department on Newtown Pike.

Parking is always free and just steps away from the market! We pride ourselves on being stroller and wheelchair friendly and your four-legged friends are always welcome!

As a side note, all of our members farms are inspected prior to being admitted to the market...we make darn sure they are 100% homegrown or produced before we allow anyone to join and sell to you. We also make sure that each member is 100% certified Kentucky Proud and we're darn sure proud of that!

Hope to see you at the market this week...we'll be smiling and we hope you will be too!


Saturday Means Homegrown at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market!


Okay, I am so excited about what our farmers will be bringing to the market this Saturday! It's kind of like an Oh My Gosh moment!!! We have been enjoying the bounty so far but it's always exciting to know that tomatoes, corn, peppers and green beans are finally in season in Kentucky and our 100% homegrown farmers will be bringing them to the market this week! Can I holler out a YIPPEE!!!

I know that I have been drooling for the taste of some real local goodies and I sure had my wish fulfilled last week. We enjoyed the bestest (not sure if that is a word but it fits) most unbelievable squash and cucumbers. The sweet corn was magnificent fried, the tomatoes sliced were to die for and the steamed potatoes tasted like heaven! Can you tell we like to eat fresh and local? :)

Oh, my...I almost forgot the scrumptious blackberries that we had for dessert! Here I go, drooling again just telling you about the wonderful items available at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market. I know it seems like you've had to wait for the homegrown goodness but it's worth it to know that you are purchasing “real” local food! We don't allow any items to be trucked in...our farmers have to grow or produce what they sell at our market. We do that because that's what we think a farmers market is all and family farms! We thank you all so much for understanding why we didn't have corn in May or tomatoes in April and we hope that you enjoyed what was in season like the lettuce, onions, potatoes and strawberries. We only sell what is in season in our beautiful Bluegrass state!

Here I am going off again and getting excited without telling you what other wonderful things you'll be able to find. Sorry, but I can't help myself! Here's a list of some of the goodies that will be available this week...



Green beans









And, don't think that any of these are your average grocery store varieties...our farmers spend many hours researching what will in grow our Kentucky climate and soil and bring only the best to our market. You'll find specialty varieties along with good old fashioned favorites! And, if you have any questions, feel free to ask the farmer that grew that item...they really know about it because they sowed, hoed and harvested their own crop!

Many of us also spend time in our kitchens whipping up great jams, jellies, breads and cakes too! We'll even have herb seasoning, eggs, cheese and homemade soaps!!! Some of us love being able to grow and harvest fresh flowers like zinnias and sunflowers and others love creating beautiful hanging herb and floral baskets. We're a diverse bunch of farmers but we are darn sure proud of what we bring to the market market each week because we know that you will appreciate our efforts and that's what makes our hard work worthwhile!

Come visit us this Saturday at 3450 Richmond Rd. in the Fast Sign and Pedal the Planet tree lined parking lot. It's right next door to the Glenn Auto Mall just outside Man 'O War Blvd. We'll be there from 9 until 2 and smiles will be plentiful! :) Parking is always convenient and we pride ourselves on being wheelchair and stroller friendly!

The folks from ChiroOne Wellness Center will be visiting with us this Saturday, so stop by and find why you have that “crick” in your neck or that ache in your back!

By the way, don't forget our Thursday market at the Fayette County Health Department on Newtown Pike! Select farmers will be there from 4 until 6:30 so it's perfect for after work shopping!

Just want to give you a heads up about an upcoming's going to be Customer Appreciation Day soon!!!! Stay tuned for more details.

Hope to see you all at the only place in town to buy 100% guaranteed homegrown or produced farmers market goodies! And, each of our farmers are individually certified Kentucky Proud or they don't sell at the Bluegrass Farmers' Market! That makes us truly Kentucky Proud!!!

Don't forget to cast your vote for Lexington's only 100% homegrown/produced farmers market. It's a great way to show your support for our hardworking farmers and their families.




Sunny Saturday at the Bluegrass Farmers Market!

The sun will be shining and the farmers will be smiling this Saturday at the Bluegrass Farmers Market!

That's because they'll be bringing the freshest and the very best that the area has to offer to our market location at 3450 Richmond Rd. The trucks will be unloaded and the tents will be set up and ready for business at 9am!

Make plans to come and visit with us especially if you are looking for beautiful red, ripe strawberries! Or maybe you're looking for something green like sugar snap peas, snow peas, crisp lettuce, mixed greens, asparagus, rhubarb or broccoli. Perhaps something in a brownish tint like the wonderful new potatoes or farm fresh eggs. Don't forget the beautiful golden yellow color of honey, beeswax candles, lip balm, home baked breads and Amish cheese. It could be that you are looking for something white and you can be sure to find plenty of spring onions too. Who said eating fresh food wasn't colorful!!!

Speaking of color, how about making your outdoors as beautiful as your plate. Our farmers will be bringing plenty of vegetable plants, bedding plants, hanging baskets, herb plants and even some tropical plants like banana trees!

Now that you have the color in your home covered how about some wonderful scents! Can you smell that kettle of homemade bean soup cooking? Or the wonderful scents of the herb seasonings while you're cooking on the grill. Maybe you just want to relax in a tub of warm water with a beautiful bar of scented soap. And, finish the day off with a bite out of a fabulous cookie or jam cake!

You'll be able to find all of this and much more this Saturday at the Bluegrass Farmers Market! Don't forget that if you see it at our market, you'll also see the farmer that grew it, baked it, raised it, made it or created it! We are 100% homegrown or produced...guaranteed!!!

You can find us in the tree lined parking lot of Fast Signs and Pedal the Planet just next door to the Glenn Auto Mall on Richmond Rd. We'll be there from 9 until 2 and sure hope you'll come visit Lexington's only 100% grower/producer market!

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