Ashevillage Urban Farm School

  (Asheville, North Carolina)
Permaculture-certified Urban Farm School launching in Asheville, North Carolina this May!

Ashevillage Urban Farm School 2014

Asheville, NC  ::  April 12–October 29, 2014; Mo-Tu-We  ::  716-hour program
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Permaculture Urban Farm School launching in May in Asheville, NC!

Permaculture-certified Urban Farm School in Asheville, NC
May 6 to November 13, Mondays - Wednesdays, 9am-5pm

Everyone needs to eat! With global food insecurity, urban food deserts, rising costs, GMO’s, health, obesity and and and myriad other issues, communities around the world are in need of cultivating food systems that work at a whole systems, deeply local scale. Our cities are no exception! Beyond systems that simply work, is the exciting opportunity to design and develop systems that THRIVE!

Replicable solutions and real models already exist, from neighborhood food shed design  to practical hands-on skills; micro-farms to CSA’s to farmers markets; relationship building to media storytelling. This full-season, food-centric School brings together the farmer, the site, the vision, the networks, the skills and the food producing enthusiasts to grow downtown Asheville’s first CSA, certify students in Permaculture, work and learn with 100 practitioners and/or community food leaders, and connect the dots on farming in the urban landscape. Based in one of the country’s hotbeds of local food culture, the Urban Farm School launches its first year in 2013 at the Ashevillage Institute and Sanctuary in Asheville, North Carolina.

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