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When the Wind Blows Hard....

We were hit by a tornado in July.  The winds blew hard.  The warnings were nil.  The weather radio touted severe thunderstorms but did not mention a tornado once...the winds blew hard.

So hard that many large strong trees were twisted from their foundations and crashed to the ground narrowly missing our house and barns.  The big greenhouse, egg mobile and chicken tractors were less lucky...they found themselves twisted apart and distributed all over the pasture.  Several buildings were twisted off their bases, our outhouse is in the pond.  Picnic equipment, a birdbath, birdfeeders and a Martin house are past tense. Our chickens..well they are in at least three counties by now...two lone survivors were left to roost and lay eggs...These ladies have been so badly shaken since the storm we have yet to see their eggs.  Our market trailer was blown into our house. Wood was blown so hard it penetrated a van tire flattening it....the winds blew hard!

There is tremendous power in a storm.  The winds blew hard!  So too do the winds of life. The storm's power is NOT just seen in the damage it does. This storm has allowed me to count my blessings and be thankful in a way the drought of 2012 did not.  WE were in the basement, literally feet from the path of most damage.  Our house was left standing except for a few window screens and a chimney that was blown off. I was in the basement with most of my children. ...all of us were shaken but safe.  This storm could have killed US and many more animals.  It spared us.  It could have taken our larger, more costly buildings,  They were safe.  It could have taken our home. The path it took was least damaging.

The winds blew hard, but we have SO much to be thankful for. This storm, like many storms in life, can allow us to focus on our blessings or our losses.  WE were rockin' and rollin' in our house's slight depression underneath almost basement.... while the wind blew hard.... we are alive. We can replace and clean up the material parts of our life.  We can't replace each other. It crystallizes important things...

The greenhouse will be replaced. I was able to find an Amish man with 35 chickens that will begin to lay in August as well as some replacement ducks. They already have a temporary house...The wind blew hard but we remain blessed!

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