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Spring is Around the Corner..

New snow fell thickly last night, but the new lambs playing in this morning's snowy cold blanket  remind me that spring is just around the corner. Planting time will be upon us sooner than we realize.  Our grass will begin growing green again!  This has been a tough year for those of us who feed hay.  We bought about 55 tons and we are nearing the end of our stock piles.  Normally, we can grow ALL we feed through the winter ourselves.  We are thankful for the snow and rain that rebuild the ground water supplies.

The new fences are up around our hogs. This spring we hope to replant their pasture.  We disked it up last spring only to find that nothing grew without much needed spring rains. It is our hope that we will be able to rotate the hogs' pasture this summer.

Sheep have eluded us many loading times even with a corral.  We hope to improve their loading area and to make more of them available for meat this Spring and Summer.  We also anticipate a slow transition from our Dorset/Tunis/Suffolk flock to hair sheep.  This will eliminate the need to shear.   We will keep several of my favorite Tunnis ewes.  Tunnis sheep are on the Slow Food Ark of Taste and have a rich history in the American colonies.

Jeff  worked with an Amish friend cutting the tree limbs that surround our perimeter fences. This did not net much wood for our stoves but, it will help us maintain our fences. Serious woodcutting  this spring is needed as soon as the snow is gone.  We cut the dead and fallen trees cleaning up our forest floor.  We allow this wood to dry until the next winter. We burned about all of what we had cut to heat our home and cook with this winter.  Sustainable heat for our family means being warmed twice...once cutting our wood and once burning it.

Indoor planting has begun.  It will not be long until we are outside planting the first of our greens and potatoes.  Some greens were planted last fall for this spring.  My Amish friends do this each fall and I decided to try it.  Follow us on face book.  Like us often to continue to get our feeds.  We will make quick updates there.  Join our LinkedIn page. We're firming up some computer changes..this is an area of challenge to us.  Our 2013 CSA is closed.  For those still interested there is a waiting list. 

Those unable to get into our CSA can still purchase from us and visit the farm by appointment. You may also find us at the Lafayette Farmer's Market and Sunspot Natural Market in West Lafayette. Remember to eat at two of Lafayette's best restaurants- La Scala Italian Restaurant and the Black Sparrow to taste our free range, pastured meats and sauages.  Tell them we sent you!  Spring is just around the corner.





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