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December 15th, 2009 INCA Board Meeting Minutes

The INCA board met at the Greater Des Moines Partnership on December 15, 2009 from 9:30 to noon. 

Present were Kelly Foss, Tai Johnson-Sprat, Ryan Marquardt, and Matt Russell.

Ryan reported that he attended two fundraising workshops one sponsored by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture and one through the non-profit development center but the participation fee was paid for by the LC.

Kelly presented and the board reviewed the balance sheet.  We have $750 outstanding to our board financial assistant for his regular services (October, November, December) and $1500 in services still due to the North Iowa Group from the 2009 annual conference.  We have $2000 in accounts receivable from the State of Iowa.  Our board financial assistant is tracking this.  We also have a $500 outstanding sponsorship from the 2009 conference from either Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture or from NC SARE.   

The board discussed a gathering on a smaller scale than previous annual conferences.  Matt moved, Kelly seconded and the board approved the following structure for this gathering.

A Workshop Potluck to be held February 6 in Perry from 9 AM to 3 PM.  INCA will provide a light continental breakfast with a potluck lunch.  There will be no charge for paid members, a $35 charge for households that are not members, with the board recruiting and waiving the fee for targeted Perry locals.  Participants can choose between one of two workshops in the morning and one of two workshops in the afternoon.  Board members will lead workshops with a suggestion of Kelly leading a workshop on farmers markets, Matt leading a workshop on profitability, and Ryan and Tai leading a workshop on poultry.  These workshops would be facilitated sharing more than formal presentations.  We would incorporate the annual meeting with this gathering.  The theme could be related to “INCA Going Back to Our Roots.”

 Matt moved, Ryan seconded and the board approved a budget of $2000 for the board to spend on this gathering.

 The board will develop an RFP to hire a coordinator to organize this gathering.  The coordinator would be paid $1000 plus mileage.  The language needs to be worked out but here are the things mentioned in the meeting.

  • Find and recommend sites in Perry to the board
  • Communicate logistics and details for board action with the board
  • Provide fine detail management of workshops, potluck, and morning coffee
  • Provide communication and outreach for promotion via letter to members, postings on list serves, and a press release
  • Organize on site logistics—board and members can provide labor, but the coordinator will organize the logistics

The RFP would be sent to a targeted group of talented individuals.   

Ryan moved, Tai seconded, and the board approved approaching our current board financial assistant with new duties under a contract for Assistant to the Executive Board.  These duties include

  • Organizing and scheduling board meetings
  • Developing board meeting agendas
  • Communicating with members and the general public via electronic avenues—e-mail, list serve, blog.  This includes coordinating with the web master.
  • Managing official board documents
  • Following up with board members on activities and tasks
  • Coordinating limited board activities such as an annual board retreat
  • Identifying and maintaining grant/resource opportunities for the board (not to write grants)
  • Attending board meetings.

If our current board financial assistant is interested, then we need to negotiate compensation for these additional tasks.  If not, we’ll ask our board financial assistant for input on a compensation range that the board will need to develop.  

The board identified five people to try to recruit to the board.  The expectation is that Kelly and Gina will be leaving the board in February and we need to recruit at least two but up to four people to join the board for 2010.  Hiring an Assistant to the Executive Board should provide increased capacity and better functionality for the board.  The following people were identified as potential board members with the current board member responsible for recruitment.



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