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Lost coffee cups and Another Blog??

Okay, here we go again, 

I love to write, something about putting words on paper and knowing that maybe I can make someone smile a bit or even get a chuckle out of the trouble I get into is a great thing.  But I have commitment issues.  As you will all soon probably see I will start this out and do great for a bit but then my entries will get a bit less until I hit another blogging spurt and do great again for a little while.  But I am going to try much harder to do a regular blog, hopefully at least once a week.  I am usually into more than enough trouble to write multiple entries (probably daily) but will contain myself.  Now onto the more important subject, my coffee cup. 

I have a coffee cup I love; it's a Thermos coffee cup.  It can roll around on the dash of my dodge for hours and not spill.  It keeps stuff hot all day in the rain and cold of Christmas Tree harvest.  Did I say I love my coffee cup?  But this season I lost my coffee cup.  I set it on the fender of the tractor and then took a family out on a hay ride to get a Christmas Tree.  Several hours later I realized the coffee cup was gone and I was without my much needed coffee.  Everytime I took another family out on the tractor or as I was running out on the quad to cut a tree I would look in vain for my coffee cup knowing that it is going to be a hard thing to spot a black coffee cup in the dark wet Oregon mud.  So I got online, looked hard and found a new coffee cup.  Gulp!  It was much more than it originally cost me at Costco when I bought it.  But it is a good one so I bought it, the last they had in stock. 
Cut to a few days later and several cold cups of coffee in the rain.  I am looking forward to my cup soon arriving.  While having a conversation with my other half or sometime to be other half he asks if I have found the cup yet.  No I tell him.  That's too bad he replies, those are great cups.  I have always wanted one but haven't been able to find one around here.  A few days later and my cup is here!  But as I look at it's shiny newness in the box his words ring in my ears.  Now the man has a coffee cup; it's not a bad one but it's not great.  He also is not very verbal about telling me what he would like for Christmas other than something practical.  I've found  good book I know he will like and as much as I hate to admit it my new coffee cup would go great with it.  So I gaze at the shiny newness of the coffee cup put it back into it's box and slide it under my bed.  

Christmas comes, and the other unwraps a beautiful awesome coffee cup and is very grateful.  I however am anticipating the arrival of a new one because I went ahead and ordered one again.  But today I hear the shouting of "I found it!!" coming from by the shop.  There stands the youngest with my much missed coffee cup in his hand.  He and the oldest were out trying to get the old Chevy out of the woods when they found it laying alongside the road.  Thankfully not in a mudhole.  I am once again happy and will be drinking hot coffee long into the day.  Even in the coldest of weather. 

Now what to do with the extra.....I think I am giong to hide it under my bed.  I never know when I'll need a spare.  And I don't need a hay ride to lose it.   

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