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A great book!

Read this book!  Combining natural farming and traditional agriculture with the latest in scientific research may seem like a difficult thing, but farming and gardening hasn't ever been easier.  Less work, less cost, more production!  This book has great lessons for the non-gardener, too: from labor management to marketing, from physics and chemistry to training draft horses and oxen, there's something on the farm for every interest.

The best book to learn about farming and gardening (or to learn a few new tricks if you're a life long farmer or gardener) is to go to the source: Jethro Tull's Horse Hoeing Husbandry, the first, and still the best, book on modern scientific agriculture, updated with modern learning and combined with the important lessons of Fukuoka.  It's available on Kindle for just under $2.  Just follow the link!

The book teaches you how to farm and garden better - and the science behind why. 

Covering everything from labor management, soil science to harvesting and marketing, from training draft animals to training better roosters, the most basic algae to the most complex agroecology, the history of agriculture gains new relevance when updated with modern science.

Le Menu (what's cookin'?)


While out on wild harvests we saw lark buntings again playing in the warm eveningtime.  The weather has finally warmed up (maybe because we finally built shelters for our plants?) and the birds (domestic and wild) are staying up late making up for lost time. 

Our ducklings met our chicks for the first time, and are simply terrified of them!  The chicks, oblivious to the terror they inspire, attempt to be friendly with the ducks with a fun chase game!  They are doing better together now that they've known each other for a few days.

The lambsquarter season is winding up, so make sure you get some before we're out! We've got domestic spinach now, but that's just not the same.  Flax flowers are not to be missed, and neither are the summertime willow leaves.  Beans are sprouting, so expect bean greens soon!  Yum!

If you've not yet, try our pine tea and our tea mixes!  Great with an ice cube for hot summer days, or steaming hot in the cool summer nights.


>>>> New items

> Old items 


Give us a call or an email if you want samples!  Let us do the cooking...Prepared meals available.




> Olive Oil (imported from California - olives don't grow in Colorado, silly! We make sure there is no chemicals used, just like on our farm. It is very buttery oil, very sweet)

 > Sprouts - Greenhouse is being used to shelter tomatoes and peppers, so please order one week in advance

> Meat shares - from the Rev. Ronald Taylor's ranch.  These meats are from a neighbor of ours, he uses no hormones, and both grains and pastures the cows on natural feeds.  He raises holsteins.  In the hard economic times, he is adjusting his prices to allow microshares.  If there is more beef than expected, you can either pay the difference or return to him what you did not pay for! 

     * 1/2 Beef Share: $800 down, $4 per pound, plus share of processing

     * 1/4 Beef Share: $400 down, $4.50 per pound, plus share of processing

     * 1/8 Beef Share:  $200 down, $5 per pound, plus share of processing

      * 1/16 Beef Share: $100 down, $5.25 per pound, plus share of processing

       * 1/32 Beef Share: $50 down, $5.50 per pound, plus share of processing



> Dandelion (also a blood cleanser herb)

> Fava greens (eat like chard, beet greens or pea greens)

> Lambsquarter

>>>> Lettuce

> Linden (leaves) (very sweet, sugar substitute)

>>>> Spinach

>>>> Salsify (leaves and roots and flowers)

> Sprouts (pea, bean, sunflower)

> Thistle (also a liver support herb)


-- BEANS --

  > Black

  > Fava

  > Jacob’s Cattle

  > Pinto

  > Trout


-- GRAIN --

  > Barley

  > Oats

  > Sanfoin

  > Safflower

  > Sunflower (SEED)

  > Rye

  > Wheat


-- HERBS --

  > Juniper (BERRIES)

  > Catmint

  > Garlic (BABY)

  > Garlic (GREENS)

  > Garlic (WILD)

  > Wild Onion (limited availability)



  > Aspen (LEAVES, BARK) (antiinflamatory, pain relief, fever treatment)

 >>>> Flax (FLOWERS) (great tea!)

  > Poplar (BUDS, ROOTS) (antiinflamatory, pain relief, fever treatment)

  >>>> Pine (REALLY great tea!) (high in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals - drink your vegetables per day!)

  > Willow (BUDS, ROOTS) (antiinflamatory, pain relief, fever treatment)

  >>>> Yarrow

  > Yucca (ROOT)



  > Two legs 

  > Four legs

  > Six legs

  > Eight legs (?!)  :::: )

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