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Hello from your favorite farm in Agate!

This week we are building up pens out of tires that were donated. This recycling puts tons of waste to productive use, and is sanctioned and encouraged by the EPA. While we do use loose tires, we have just recieved compressed "tire bales," each one weighing about 2,000 pounds. Luckily, the weather's been nice and warm. We are building two shelters inside every pen: one for large or medium sized quadrapeds, and one for birds (usually ducks and chickens). We mix different kinds of seeds in our fields because biodiversity results in greater health and production for our plants. The same is true for our animals. With our plants, biodiversity allows predators to live in our field, and defend our plants, their shelter-homes. It also improves soil microflora, allowing the microorganisms to keep each other in check and not cause disease. With our animals, the birds (who are free to roam, but usually stay at home - except for a few of them) help reduce insects and other pests in the pens, and in numerous other ways keep our quadrapeds safe and sound. In return, the larger quadrapeds keep our birds safer from hawks, feral cats, foxes and other predators, and our medium - sized quadrapeds keep the birds warm at night (a goat is a very warm body in the coop in winter, and produces more heat and better heat than an electric heat lamp or fire). Our animals are so happy at home that we can leave our gates open and our cattle do not even wander out the door: a safe, clean pen with plenty of high quality food and fresh water, adequate shelter and friends (of the same and other species) is a great place to be. Better than the vegetable gardens we plant right on the other side of the fence!

*** Turkey from Thomas Farms, also in Elbert County, a partner farm of Two In Tents. Their birds are naturally and compassionately raised by an ambitious young farmer, still in grade school. Choose white or dark meat to be added to your regular box! Or the whole bird. We are out of turkey right now, but highly suggest trying Thomas Farms turkey.
*** Goat and beef from Albrecht Ranch, also in Elbert County, a partner farm of Two In Tents. Their goat and beef is naturally and compassionately raised by an ambitious young farmer, just out of college. Choose your cut, or get quarters or halves or whole animals in your regular box. We are running low on goat and beef right now, but are proud to work with Albrecht Ranch while our animals do their best to grow up.

Mushroom stuffing - - - Inspired by seeing some beautiful wild oyster mushrooms dried on the tree while out on a walk (they were a little far gone, but the farm-raised articles are still good!). Includes portabello and oyster mushrooms (dry) with wheat and a delicious bean mix, seasoned with pine, cottonwood and rose hips.

Goat rib soup - - - Chevon in the pot with mushrooms, wheat and barley makes for a hearty dinner.

December rose hip tea - - - rose hips, pine needles and cottonwood. This will perk you up, a warm drink on a cold night.

Black eyed peas
Jacob's Cattle
Soldier Beans

Next harvest estimated in Spring

Next harvest, estimated in Summer

Winter bouquets

White Wheat


Pine needles (delicious, nutritious, revitalizing!)
Rose Hips (delicious, vitamin C)
Thistle Root (supports liver)
Winter willow, aspen and poplar (antiinflamatory, powerful painkiller - use like aspirin)

Dried portabello
Dried oyster

Mung bean sprouts (early harvest - warm winter!) - planted only upon demand
Coming soon: spinach! Just sprouting.

Dock Seed
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