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Help us help the poor, the sick and the elderly

        Sometimes people feel like they just don’t have time to help the poor, sick and elderly.  But even five minutes can help a lot.  Separating out aluminum or other metal produces a valuable product which, when collected over many months, could even buy food – or a whole cow! – to feed the poor.  But cooperation helps: it is easier to do good when you have friends.  Collecting those cans with friends results in a faster turnaround. 
        But you can also help yourself at the same time.  If you and your friends worked together to reduce your food bill by buying in bulk from a local farmer, you could afford to not only eat for far less cost, but also donate some of the savings to the poor.  While many of us here are vegetarians, those who eat meat might spend more than $5 per pound at the grocery store for beef.  And the beef prices are rising.  However, by buying a cow together, raising it together and butchering it together, the cost is far less than half.  Saving half on the beef means that even a fourth of the meat might be donated to the poor, the sick or the elderly.
        But, even if you’re not a farmer, you can enjoy the same benefits of cooperation by working with the farmers to buy meat and other foods.
        You can feed your family for less than $1 per meal per day, and when you buy from us, 15% is donated to the poor, sick and elderly automatically.  What you do with your savings can improve the total help. 
        Those who give of themselves give a great gift to God, and the heart that burns with such passion lights the way for others to follow.  When you have saved on your food bill, when you begin to give to the poor, the sick and the elderly, you begin to understand just how wealthy and strong you are; the gift is contagious.  Tell all your friends.
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