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Le Menu (what's ready this week?)

Gosh it is cold out!  And snowy!  Yet it is amazing how the larks like to play in the weather.  Butterball likes to run in and out of his home, getting snowy and wet, then going right back in.  Dracula just stays inside all day.  The spinach is holding on in our cold frames, but not growing much because of the cold.  We’ll have to wait a little longer, probably.  This week, Thomas farms has been kind enough to offer some of their chicken: the birds are compassionately and naturally raised in Elbert County.  They’re raising money for a school trip to Washington, DC… so try the chicken!

Chicken from Thomas Farms

Fresh snow, ice and cold wind. Free. Take as much as you like. Pick up at the farm only. Limited, while supplies last.

Beef Sausages - - - traditional recipe from Europe. Hot or mild.

Mushroom pasta - - - We served this to some hardy volunteers, and they liked it! Either ask for pasta included or not. Portabello and oyster mushrooms, wheat, and natural olive oil, with a spice packet!

Roast Chevon - - - Fresh natural goat meat with your choice of natural wild spices or more traditional recipes.

December rose hip tea - - - rose hips, pine needles and cottonwood. This will perk you up, a warm drink on a cold night.


Black eyed peas
Jacob's Cattle
Soldier Beans

Next harvest estimated in Spring

Next harvest, estimated in Summer

Winter bouquets

White Wheat



Pine needles (delicious, nutritious, revitalizing!)
Rose Hips (delicious, vitamin C)
Thistle Root (supports liver)
Winter willow, aspen and poplar (antiinflamatory, powerful painkiller - use like aspirin)

Dried portabello
Dried oyster

Mung bean sprouts (early harvest - warm winter!) - planted only upon demand
Coming soon (sooner or later): spinach!



New Maia cooperative forming!

Hello from your favorite farm in Agate! Big news!  We’ll be joining a brand new Maia Cooperative of local farmers and, just as when two people get married, when our farm and other farms organize a cooperative, so many good things can happen.
We’ll still be TwoInTents, but we’ll be working with a lot of new friends.  As one of the founding members of Maia, we are making sure that the same quality standards that we employ are kept: no chemicals, humane and compassionate treatment of animals, non-profit management, and a strong dedication to giving back to the community. 
By joining with Maia, we can keep our prices to you the same (or lower them) as we group buy seeds, equipment, animal feeds, vet care, building supplies and other things we need to do our job.  And, we’ll also be able to offer all kinds of new tasty treats, too!  The best news is that as our current customers, you can soon have a choice to help establish the quality standards you want, or contribute with volunteering, gardening or in other ways to either earn credit towards purchases, or greater ownership in the cooperative!  Maia will be working not only to help us feed you and your family, but to empower you to feed yourself, too.
One change you will see is in our prices.  In 2012, we will be offering “member” and “non-member” prices.  Current subscribers will be given automatic membership in the new cooperative, so don’t worry!  Another change is that you will see products from Maia, and other Maia members (Maia will also group-produce some items) sold by the pound, rather than by the 1/3 bushel or full bushel box.  These can be included in your box, and when a per-pound price is offered, a conversion to boxes will be offered too so you know how many gallons or bushels a pound is.
This sort of flexibility is what we aim for: to get you what you want, when you want it, and at the price you need.  Now that TwoInTents is working with Maia, you’ll have greater ability than ever before to help keep your food prices low, your quality of eating high, have greater selection, and do a lot of good for this planet and your community. 
 We think many small farmers working together is a good thing for every one.  Let us know what you think!
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