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Before you buy seeds...cooperate!

We are getting ready to buy seeds, and we buy seeds in cooperation - which means that it is cheaper.  Our cooperative, the Maia Cooperative, allows us to buy in bulk and reduces the cost of planting, even if we want to plant a large variety of things.
While a seed packet of black seeded simpson lettuce may cost you about $4, the seed packet will only contain about 500 seeds. When 384,000 seeds costs Maia only $20, you can recieve the same 500 for 1/768 the cost (about 2 cents). That's good value! Even if you want to plant organic yellow squash (packet $4 for 30 seeds), Maia can order some 5,000 seeds for $35, and your packet now costs about 21 cents. 
Everyone likes a varied diet, but the cost of seeds these days is crazy.  So before you buy your seeds let us know what you'd like this year in your garden, as well as what you'd like this year in our fields (which are your gardens too!).  We would love to cooperate with you, too.


hi Bill!  We buy seeds not only from large breeders and distributors, but also from small breeders and distributors like yourself and other members of the maia co-op...
The question of sustainability is complex, but shouldn't be confused with self-sufficiency.  Self-sufficiency is truly impossible: we don't make our own vehicles, either.  While we recycle heroically - most (90%) of our farm and ranch is built out of recycled materials - and are very ecologically conscious - using green energy, and transitioning to zero petrochemicals, foresting our lands and otherwise undertaking good stewardship and sustainable farming - we prefer to trust to experts, like yourself, whenever possible.
Breeding and collecting seeds is important work, and a specialty unto itself.  By using the very best selected seeds, and seeds that are tested for disease and germination, we produce with greater quality, and require less water and other ecologically taxing inputs.  We commend you and your work!
The seed library is a good idea... does your company, Native Seeds/SEARCH offer similar library services?
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