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Cheap fuel, electricit?y, healthcare?, vet care, ice cream... while saving the earth and having fun!

Hello everyone!

This is your President, Aaron Brachfeld, writing to invite you to participate on several new committees forming. Each one is exciting, and has a lot of potential for decreasing everyone's costs of living, and developing new ways of working together as well. If you are interested in joining any of these committees, and shaping your co-op, let me know!

Committees meet by email or text, and no set meeting times are made; discussions are interesting and fun!

* Transportation Committee - Mission: with gas prices soaring, identify ways to reduce the cost of gasoline, auto insurance, and other costs of transportation for members.

* Renewable Electricity Committee - Mission: with energy costs rising, provide renewable electricity to all interested members at a cost less than that which they are currently paying. Solar panels can be leased to own, with a non-profit business model that would be self-funding and create jobs.

* Health and Home Committee - Mission: investigate opportunities to
a) reduce costs of health care to members
b) reduce costs of housing to members (cooperative housing, urban and/or agricultural)
c) ensure all members can obtain health care, health insurance, life insurance, etc. at affordable costs
d) reduce costs of veterinary care to members

* Western Recreation Committee - Mission: create a humane, self-sustaining cattle drive, rodeo, horse boarding and riding facility, and other western recreation opportunities

* Environmental Committee - Mission: investigate opportunities to improve the biosphere's biodiversity and biodensity, undertake forestation efforts, improve recycling opportunities, and develop environmentally sensitive recreation opportunities in Maia's 7 county area. These efforts would be self-funding, and create jobs.

* Ice Cream Committee - Mission: identify the means by which ice cream can be group-produced or group-purchased, and delivered, at a rate more affordable than other options. Chairwoman Mary Choate has just led the Pie Committee to success, and has every reason to believe that the new pies can be a la mode. This is an exciting moment for our small co-op!

We are all facing tremendous pressures to keep our homes against rising costs. Together, we can cooperate and succeed, not only survive the great recession and catastrophic inflation, but thrive! We have already reduced the costs of farm supply and food (did you know you can now eat with Maia for $20 per week per adult - with complete nutrition?)...

let's see what we can do about these other problems we face. Aaron Brachfeld, PresidentMaia Cooperative 720 722 FARM
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