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Spinach learns a new trick

Spinach is great when fresh in salads or on sandwiches, but have you tried using it as a steamed vegetable or in your lasagna? Mmm! To improve your favorite lasagna with spinach, layer (3-5 leaves thick) spinach between the pasta. But a real treat is to use fresh spring garlic and fresh spring spinach to make garlic bread. With 2-6 stalks of spring garlic (to taste) chop finely and add all but a few pinches to one-half cup of melted margarine or melted butter. If desired, salt the margarine or butter, and add your favorite chili powder or fresh basil. Or both. Then, spread about 1 tablespoon (to taste) of the spiced melted butter or margarine onto thick sliced home-made or fresh-made French bread. Cover the top of the bread with spinach, and put into the oven until the butter or margarine browns. Then, very importantly, HIDE THE FOOD FROM THE HUNGRY FAMILY MEMBERS WHO HAVE FOLLOWED THEIR NOSES TO THE KITCHEN IF YOU WANT TO EAT ANY.
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